Sunday, 30 June 2019

Investing time.

Making marks...

‘Sapphire sky on a hot summer day’
Oils and cold wax medium on Arches oil paper.

Today I read an article by Nicholas Wilton,
an artist in California USA.

Nicholas wrote...

‘Painting is a process of call and response.
You make a mark, step back and then
evaluate what to do next. Over time, your ability to
discern the next best mark improves.
And when it does, your art practice
becomes less stressful, and more joyful’.

Nicholas used some important words...

‘over time, your ability, improves’

I take that to mean...

(Time = Ability = Improvement = Satisfaction)

Investing time really is the key to success.

Stepping back to evaluate.

Below is a painting which is at the ugly stage.

It needs me to step back and evaluate

 before I move on.  

I do like the colours and the scribbles.

It will rest in the studio and dry a little

as I decide about making the next marks. 

The painting below is possibly finished.

It was a battle to reach a stage of acceptance

but I like the spontaneous mark making

 and choice of colours. 

‘Sun’s fiery kiss’

Oils, cold wax and oil pastels on 12 x 12 inch canvas.

Here is a detail of the picture...

Until next time...

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