Monday, 29 October 2018

The art of being true...

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

I saw this quote today and it really made me think...

Here is another...Be true to oneself...

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. 

William Shakespeare

My Studio World 

I am happy in my studio moving oil paint around.   

Making marks on canvas.  

Am I true to myself?

I like to think so.

I get to choose what and how I paint.

I do not paint what others want...

Not now.

How do I do it?

Where do ideas come from?

Is there a formula?

Questions asked by viewers of my work.

It is hard to explain...I really do not know.

There is no initial plan and no prior sketches.

I just begin.  

As the painting progresses I might make colour 

changes and the shapes evolve as I work.

I add layers until I like it and will take 

parts away or make new marks.

I rely on my feelings and follow my intuition.

The oils and addition of cold wax medium 

make the paint pleasurable to sculpt with

a knife or brush.  Scrapers and rollers

are also used to create the effects I want.

Struggles and battles on the shop floor.

Studio life is full of challenges.

There are few times when the picture almost 

paints itself. Mostly there is a battle of wills.

These keep me focused and prevent complacency.

A recent example...

Below is a painting on my easel which has been a struggle.  

A reasonable painting was turned into a nightmare 

by my tinkering and meddling.  I should have walked away.

Layer after layer has now been applied, scraped back and scribbled over.   

It represents hours of struggle and perseverance.   


It has gone through many stages but I think I am getting somewhere. 

I like the texture and thick parts of oil paint 

which gives a luscious appearance.

Now it rests in the house until it dries.

Then I will decide if I go further, change parts 

or leave it alone for a few weeks.

Here it is...  

If you would like to own a piece of my art,

please email me to arrange a visit to my Studio.

Card payment accepted

Until next time...

Thank you for visiting.

Monday, 22 October 2018

On the road.

Hello and welcome to my Blog 

On Saturday I went to the Lincolnshire 
Artisans Market in Louth Town Hall. 

 I had a stall there for the launch 
of my new gift range featuring 
images of my abstract paintings.

Thank you to all the lovely visitors who gave
 me positive comments and purchased my work.
  I am encouraged to continue.

My Monday Studio 

The painting on the easel is nearly finished.

I have used small parts of this one for images 
on my new gift range which I took to Louth.

This collage is a group of photo images 
used on cards and small gifts.   
It might be useful for creating bunting.

The large square painting has returned 
from my first Craft Fair.  
It was on an easel for display.

I have used images of this colourful piece 
for my branding Wildartdesigns.

‘A touch of Cinnamon

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

I am happy with this piece...
it has a warm and cosy feeling.

It will be submitted for an exhibition in January 2019.

This little ceramic vessel was made by
Lyn Lovitt.  

It is a new addition to my home.  

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.

My next Craft Fair is on 11 November 
in the Assembly Rooms, Bailgate, Lincoln 
10am until 5pm.

If you would like to own a piece of my art,
please email me to arrange a visit to my Studio.
Card payments accepted

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tuesday Blogspot.

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

Tuesday in my Studio 

Detail of a painting in progress

I take photographs of my work as it happens.
This painting has already been featured in the images 
being used on my range of Wildartdesigns gifts. 

Here is a detail of another painting in progress.
The canvas below is on my easel.

The full picture...

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 
36 x 24 inches 

I am leaving this to dry and settle.
If it is finished, I will submit it for the
Lincolnshire Artists’ Society 2019 Show
in the Usher Gallery, Lincoln

Another detail of the same painting which 
may be used for my designs on cards and gifts.

Work in progress...

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 
16 x 16 inches 

This painting is on the easel.
It has had many layers of paint applied,
Scraped back and more applied. 

This state of affairs will continue until it 
is finished.  Or rejected.
This happens.  


This painting will be on show this Saturday 
20 October in Louth Town Hall, Lincolnshire.

A reminder that this is the launch of my 
Wildartdesigns range of cards and gifts.

Lincolnshire Artisans Market 
Opens at 10 am until 5 pm

I am really excited and have been packing all
my stock and display equipment ready for
the drive across the Wolds to Louth.

I am sharing a table with my friend,
Ceramicist and Painter Lyn Lovitt.

We look forward to welcoming visitors.

Until my next Blog...
Thank you for visiting.


Monday, 15 October 2018

Tuesday Blog...

Hello and welcome to the delay...

I love this painting...

Oils on panel and frame. 

Come back on Tuesday and I will have more news...

Monday, 8 October 2018

Countdown to Lincolnshire Artisans Market in Louth.

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

It is 12 days to the launch of my
new Wildartdesigns range of cards and gifts

Its an exciting time.  
I am getting my display equipment ready
and packing all my new products into cases 
ready for the drive to Louth Town Hall

Trying out display ideas

Glass coasters and purses...
Can be used for pens, cosmetics or sewing

Porcelain coffee mugs 
and key rings

A splendid whirligig card stand 

A new painting in my studio...

Here are some more little vignettes from a painting 
on my easel.   It is getting really colourful now.

One of the new pieces I am making for submission 
to the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society exhibition in 2019.

‘Summer meets Fall’

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

36 x 24 inches 

After the Craft Fair I shall be getting on with 
my new website and shop.  If you would like
to visit, here is the address...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

Monday, 1 October 2018

The second chapter...

Hello and welcome to my Blog. 

Last week ended in a flurry of activity as 
my Wildartdesigns venture began to grow. 

On Tuesday night I stayed up very late and built 
a new website. It is still in the early stages 
but I am happy with how it looks. 
I will include the link at the end of this Blog. 

Designs and creations using my abstract art 
are now on 8 items in a unique range 
of small gifts and greetings cards. 

I have invested in some display equipment to show them. 

My new rotating card display 

This is a new venture which is kept separate 
from the oil paintings in my Studio. 
I have several exhibitions planned for 
2019 and I am painting for these. 

I shall be taking this new range to 
Artisans Markets and Craft Fairs. 
Soon my website will also open a shop. 

Here are some more photos of my new art designs...

These arrived today 

Porcelain mugs with images of my art
and key rings with an image on both sides. 

I have been reading Nicholas Wilton’s blog again
and as usual there are ideas which I can use in my practice.  

“Starting a new piece can be a bit like traveling 

to someplace new without a map - you may know 

a little about where you're going, but without directions

it will take you longer than it should to arrive.

With that in mind, when I begin a painting, I

find the best thing to do is to be bold. So if I have

a panel covered in dark paint, I'll then place some

light shapes over it. The contrast in value will

help direct me where to go next.”

Nicholas Wilton ~

I thought about this in my own work and I do agree
with his ideas.  It is all about being bold.  

There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 
If it doesn’t work out I can scrape it off and begin again. 

Here are two paintings where I was bold.  

Detail from a painting on my easel.  

A recent piece showing how dark and light
can make a bold painting 

This one is abstract and imaginative.
I loved making these marks.

If you would like to visit my new website...

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.