Monday, 27 August 2018

Having a clear view.

Making room....

Art Practice by Nicholas Wilton

‘Are you clear?’   

“Sometimes our lives can feel so full.
This can feel good but it also can be overwhelming.
This week I am going through dozens of old boxes
of stuff I stored in my studio 5 years ago.
So much of it I no longer need or even remembered I owned.

I don’t think the problem is having a full life.
The problem is having it full of things that are not
important or meaningful anymore.
The answer then, is to get super clear about what should
be in your life and what should not.
In other words, take action and let stuff go!”

Words by Nicholas Wilton.  

Sometimes strange things happen....

I follow artist Nicholas Wilton whose blog is posted each Sunday.   Last week his comments perfectly matched my own thoughts about clearing out unwanted things.  

My studio is also full of paintings from years ago.  Some are still favourites.  Others are waiting for throw or rework?    

Reworking is an exciting process as destroying one can create another which could become a favourite.   I am never sad about covering up the previous image.  It is a stage of renewal and hope.  If it doesn’t work I either scrape back or leave to dry for another time.  

Here are some paintings I reworked this week. 
All these have the frame painted as part of the work.

Arch’. Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board. 

‘Territory’. Oils and cold wax on panel 

‘Fullness of Time’.  Oils and cold wax medium on panel 

‘Changing Shapes’. Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

‘Darkening Hour’.  Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

‘Green Chords’.   Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

I feel quite excited about some of these.  Whether they stay as created I do not know.   Time will tell.   My work evolves as I paint without any prior plan.  The shapes and colours are my main aim and get changed until I am happy with the result.  

                      Making something 100 years old...

It will soon be time to submit a painting for the Nadin Group Show.   
                      The theme is ‘The Last 100 Years’.   

I decided to focus on Women’s Equality and the fight to get the vote. 

Painting on panel and frame, I used the colours of the Women’s, purple and white (with gold for the USA). 

The work is deliberately aged and distressed to represent the time span.  A single word bottom right, gives the aim.  

‘ Tides of Change’.  Oils and cold wax medium on panel and frame.   
If selected it will hang in Gallery at St Martins, Lincoln in September.  

I will let you know...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

A change is as good as a rest.

All change.

I like reworking paintings.  
The destruction of one can result in the creation 
of an interesting alternative. 

Here is a painting recently returned from an exhibition...

I decided to give it a face lift.
First, I added darker paint to make a mysterious look...

I liked this but wanted to add more layers of 
oils with cold wax medium. 

Now the image is colourful but still has a sense of mystery.  
I like the light green with the patch of warm orange and yellow.
I shall leave it alone now.  

It keeps the original title 

‘Patched Up’
Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 
16 x 16 inches 

On Show...

Selection for Carol’s August Show 2018

I have been invited to join a group of painters 
in a show over the August Bank Holiday.
Curated by Carol Butler in her Studio, 26 Drury Lane, Lincoln.

These paintings will be in the show...
Details of opening times will be posted as soon as I have them. 

Nightlife  Oils on canvas   16 x 16 inches £ 400

Sheltered  Oils on canvas  16 x 16 inches   £ 400

Haze    Oils on canvas  20 x 20 inches   £ 450

Flash of Spring    Oils on panel   15 x 16 inches £ 350

Summer Path   Oils on panel 15 x 16  £ 350

Earth to Earth Again    Oils on canvas 20 x 20 inches £ 450

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Not all black and white.

Hello and wecome to my Monday Blog.

This week I am focusing on Notan.

I am using some of my recent paintings for examples.


A seascape as an example of Notan.  

Changing the image to black and white helps to see the values.

“Notan is a Japanese word that means lightness - darkness.  
It represents one of the basic principles that help compositions stick to the wall.

Notan has nothing to do with local or chosen colour. 
It is the ability to see things in terms of black and white,
and to consequently build strength in imagery.  

When compositions work in black and white - they work.”

Quote Reference...

The Painter’s Keys

   ‘ Notan ‘... October 17 2017

The website has many good articles. 
I can recommend it. 

This painting ‘Nightlife’ is a good example of Notan. 
There is a strong composition and the values are evident.  

Nightlife’.  Oils on canvas 16 x 16 inches

Here is the actual painting in colour.  
The strength of values are still easily seen.

‘Wildside’.   Oils and cold wax on canvas board 16 x 20 inches

A new painting drying in the studio. 
Changing it to black and white tells me it has quite a good Notan.  

This one is darker but still shows a difference in values...

‘Patched Up’.  Oils on canvas 

A dramatic painting in black and white. 
It looks quite mysterious. 

I have enjoyed this exercise.  
Now to check some more...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.  

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Good News...

Hello and welcome...

Just a note to say my Daily Paintworks Anne Wood gallery page is up and running again.
  There are lots of small and medium sized oil paintings to see at affordable prices.

The currency on there is in US dollars but will be changed to UK £££ via Paypal.


       Here are some of the paintings...


Lots more will be added soon.  

Thank you for visiting....

Ps... I have added the links to all my online pages.
Top right hand side of this page.  

Daily Paintworks 

Monday, 6 August 2018

In the frame.

                                                         Hello and welcome.         

                            Today I was considering how my new painting would look in a frame.  

Black seemed too hard and cream was too delicate for this strong colour.
I decided to use an existing frame which was already painted dark grey. 

Adding more oil paint in a dark red orange, the frame acts as an extension to the work.  

                                         Vessels.  Oils and cold wax on canvas board.  

                            I have framed the painting in a traditional style using a mix 
                                                of red and burnt sienna to colour.  
                                         This helps to bring them together as one.   
                            I shall put the painting aside now until I decide if it is finished. 

                                                              Until next time....
                                                        Thank you for visiting 

Digital adventures

Pastures new.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog.

Joining the digital world

On Friday I decided to experiment with some digital tools.
This is a photograph in my garden completely transformed with colour.

It may well find its way to becoming a new painting.

Still Life Study

Another photograph is of some ceramic vessels in an artist friend's home.
Taking an initial photograph I edited the image with the drawing tool.

Just shapes

When I returned home I went straight into my studio to use my ideas.
I had a board already primed with some orange and patches of green.
Using a pencil I sketched the basic vessel shapes on top.

Next, using a mix of Burnt Sienna, some red and cold wax medium
 I applied the oil paint with a knife, smoothed it with a squeegee
 and then 'carved' out the vessel shapes with it's edge.

I left some thicker patches of oils and scraped some of it back for
 a few paler parts.  It has a textured look and a loose, abstracted feeling.

Work in progress...

  Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board  16 x 20 inches

For a more colourful painting I could use my edited photograph for reference.

On the easel

This painting has been on my easel for a few weeks.
I keep returning to it...changing parts and adding new layers of paint.

I think it is nearly 'finished' but I will leave it to settle.
There may still be alterations.

Then I had an idea....

Taking a photograph of the work I used my digital editing again.
This will show me how the painting can be changed without 
damaging the exisiting design.  It is only on top of a photograph.

I quite like the white patch next to the lime green.
Also, the bright blue top right and lower left.
a small uneven patch of primrose yellow lower middle adds a little zest.

With the aid of my saved image on my iPad I can go ahead with any changes.
If it goes wrong I shall reach for a rag and some solvent.
I will let you know what happens...

Best laid plans...

What happened was nearly a disaster.
I tried to use my digital ideas on the canvas as in the image above.

The blue parts were fine and also the yellow.
Next, I mixed some white with a hint of blue.
Using a knife I applied the paint and spread it liberally.

I would like to say it was a huge success but in reality my plan did not work.
Two hours later I had added, scraped off, changed colours and made a mess.

At least that was what it seemed...
I decided to leave it and escaped to the house for a cup of tea.
On return to my studio I had a fresh look at my painting.

I was pleasantly surprised...
The break away from working paid off.

A Moment of Calm   Oils on canvas  30 x 40 inches

Evaluation time...



(Before re-working)                              (After re-working)

The green simplifies the composition.
In hindsight, there was too much going on before.
I think my near disaster has actually helped to pull the work together.

Time to let it dry.

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.