Monday, 13 August 2018

Not all black and white.

Hello and wecome to my Monday Blog.

This week I am focusing on Notan.

I am using some of my recent paintings for examples.


A seascape as an example of Notan.  

Changing the image to black and white helps to see the values.

“Notan is a Japanese word that means lightness - darkness.  
It represents one of the basic principles that help compositions stick to the wall.

Notan has nothing to do with local or chosen colour. 
It is the ability to see things in terms of black and white,
and to consequently build strength in imagery.  

When compositions work in black and white - they work.”

Quote Reference...

The Painter’s Keys

   ‘ Notan ‘... October 17 2017

The website has many good articles. 
I can recommend it. 

This painting ‘Nightlife’ is a good example of Notan. 
There is a strong composition and the values are evident.  

Nightlife’.  Oils on canvas 16 x 16 inches

Here is the actual painting in colour.  
The strength of values are still easily seen.

‘Wildside’.   Oils and cold wax on canvas board 16 x 20 inches

A new painting drying in the studio. 
Changing it to black and white tells me it has quite a good Notan.  

This one is darker but still shows a difference in values...

‘Patched Up’.  Oils on canvas 

A dramatic painting in black and white. 
It looks quite mysterious. 

I have enjoyed this exercise.  
Now to check some more...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.  

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  1. I am still working at getting the light and dark balanced. Thank you for the valuable reminder and the stunning examples.