Friday, 19 June 2020

Little steps

Getting going again...

'Black and Blue'

Oils and cold wax medium on 3x4 inch paper.

Time to begin a few paintings.
I have taken a break recently but now
I feel ready to get going.

There are no exhibitions booked so 
there isn't anything urgent.

Making little studies on a sheet 
of Arches oil paper is a great
 way to play with paint.  

When they dry I cut them up
to make greetings cards.  

Some of these will make cards.

'Hide and Seek'

Oils and cold wax medium on paper.

These studies are small...
about 4x4 inches.

Here is a larger one, about 6x4 inches
I used a stencil and roller to make some marks. 

Some scratches and scrapes add interest. 

They become mini 'landscapes'.
Nothing too definite,
Just play.

'Full Effect'

Arches oil paper, 8x8 inches.

Oils and cold wax layered many times.
Scraped back to reveal colour below.

I have enjoyed this playtime.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

Saturday, 6 June 2020


Times change.

A way of seeing,
a way of thinking.

A title

This picture hangs in my home.
Several months ago it had been a battle of wills.  

It really wasn't going anywhere
and I was tired of working with it.
I still have no idea where to go with it.

Now, since lock-down, the world has changed
and I began to think about my painting life.
Have I got to finish everything?
Can some things be left...'as is'?

Of course!  

So my picture is finished.
No need to worry about it.

Except perhaps, a title.
That's another challenge.  🤔   

'Through wild woods'

Oils on board.

This picture also hangs in my home.
It is finished....and has a title.
It reminds me of bluebells in spring.
Like jewels in an awakening world.

Seeing and thinking...

I am beginning to take a different view 
of my painting future and allow myself 
a more relaxed way of thinking.

No-one said painting would be easy,
but perhaps a more relaxed attitude 
would be better for my future.  

If it never gets finished...
Who cares? 

I am just happy that I’ve had the chance 

to be a painter...

That's all for now,
thank you for reading.

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