Saturday, 6 June 2020


Times change.

A way of seeing,
a way of thinking.

A title

This picture hangs in my home.
Several months ago it had been a battle of wills.  

It really wasn't going anywhere
and I was tired of working with it.
I still have no idea where to go with it.

Now, since lock-down, the world has changed
and I began to think about my painting life.
Have I got to finish everything?
Can some things be left...'as is'?

Of course!  

So my picture is finished.
No need to worry about it.

Except perhaps, a title.
That's another challenge.  🤔   

'Through wild woods'

Oils on board.

This picture also hangs in my home.
It is finished....and has a title.
It reminds me of bluebells in spring.
Like jewels in an awakening world.

Seeing and thinking...

I am beginning to take a different view 
of my painting future and allow myself 
a more relaxed way of thinking.

No-one said painting would be easy,
but perhaps a more relaxed attitude 
would be better for my future.  

If it never gets finished...
Who cares? 

I am just happy that I’ve had the chance 

to be a painter...

That's all for now,
thank you for reading.

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