Sunday, 29 November 2020

"To do or not to do..."

That is the question.

Across the Kansas,
one of my landscape paintings has found a home.

Rita Guile, painter and online friend saw my
picture on Instagram after I shared it.

She asked the price but 
I said it was not for sale as it hangs in my home.

Then I had an idea...
I suggested she used the image for making her own print.
The framed picture above now lives in her home.

'Autumn Hedgerow'

Oils on watercolour paper 

I am delighted she sent me a photo of her print in its frame.

Back to the question...
do I make limited edition prints from my landscapes?

Maybe I should.
I shall give it some thought.

'Grey Coast'

Oils on canvas board

Another landscape from my collection.
Perhaps it would be suitable as a print. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are some small oil paintings available from 
my studio...

That's all for now...
thank you for visiting.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Sun and shadow.

Temporary shadow....

This shadow appeared on my painting
one morning whilst I was having my breakfast.
It caught my eye and I was inspired to capture it on camera.  

A while later it had gone as the early sun moved.
The initial delight of the spontaneous dark area
stayed with me though...and I wondered 
about adding it to my painting.

Here is the picture as it is...

'Red mist rising'

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

Time moved on and I forgot about the idea.
Looking at it now, I shall leave it alone.

Maybe I can make something similar to include the shape.

I saw this quote today on Facebook...

For me, this quote is very apt.
Mistakes are littered all over my workplace.

Sometimes I do keep one...or two 🤔🎨🎨
More by accident than design I admit.

My initial reaction is to scrap anything I am not happy with and
6 paintings are gathering mildew in an old potting shed.
I wondered if I would return to rework them but 
the natural rotting process is now taking its toll.

Reworking can bring forth another painting of value.
Here is one I made recently...

'Sweet cool air'

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

It was a leap of faith as there is always an element of regret.
The original picture below had been in an exhibition 
and received an award.

'Through the veil' 

This first one had lots of suggested pots and vessels 
in the centre, scratched and drawn into the paint.  

The texture remains in the new painting with
 a faint outline here and there but the painting 
lost the busy detail.   It now has a sense of calm.

I like it a lot.   

Returning to my blog title...

'Sun and shadow'

Here is the sun...which highlights the shadows.
No painting can do justice to the art of nature.

(In my opinion)

Before I is a link to the 
Lincolnshire Artists' Society website.
There is a new page featuring work from some Artists' Studios.

That's all for now...
Until next time

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