Monday, 3 May 2021

Rain stops play

...and the Print Room beckons...

I have taken advantage of the rainy weather 
to catch up on some more monotype printing.

Here are some hand-pulled prints
using my gel plate and Golden Open acrylics.



I like using the Golden Open acrylics as they are slow drying
and enable me to make drawings into the paint. 

Some of my monotypes are multi layered.
I can build up tonal values and texture.


Hand-pulled A4 monotype 


A4 print pulled from the same palette...


A change of colours for this one.
It reminds me of a winter shoreline.

I resisted the temptation to add more,
preferring to keep the composition simple.


A favourite pull from today.

I like the tonal changes which make 
darks 'pop' against the lighter ones.

In this monotype there is a blend of textures.

There is also a narrative.
Although abstract it might have 
 a touch of shorescape.

Before the rain...

I walked around our wild garden to 
enjoy the spring flowers and fresh green leaves.

This view is from the entrance to my studio.

Young growth on Silver Birches in the paddock.

Finally, I prepared my oil painting for
taking to an exhibition next week.

Here is the flyer...

It will be good to have a painting in a 'real' Show
after the restrictions closed the galleries.

That's all for now,
thank you for visiting.