Tuesday, 28 January 2020

From me to you...

My marks.   

They are just there, with 

no requirement to understand them.  

I believe there is also no requirement 

to explain them...

and some are almost impossible to explain.

Why am I telling you this?

This is not a deliberate plan to confuse you.  

It’s just the way I am,

and the way I want to work.


I like to be free to make my art.

Free to change my plan or process.

Even thinking too much about my 

painting process can be stifling. 

  The word ‘process’ gives an impression that there 

is a certain order or procedure to be followed.  

 A regular procedure could feel restrictive 

and might limit my freedom. 

   It may also prevent my work from

 growing or developing.

The word ’intuitive’ might best 

describe my mark making.

A picture paints a thousand words...


When I stand in front of this painting,

my immediate response is simply 

to wrap it around me.  

I do not wish to translate the scribbles,

 or understand the scratches.  

 The painting just ‘is’.

‘Red with scribbles’.

Oils and cold wax medium on 36 x 24 inch board.   

Made in my studio on top of a previous picture. 

A thousand words, and a gift from me to you.

Until next time...

Thank you for visiting.

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Friday, 24 January 2020

Persistence and paint.

When the going gets tough, 
the tough get going.

‘Weather the storm’

Oils and cold wax medium 
on 30 x 30 inch canvas.

This painting was in tatters last night
after hours of struggle and scraping down.

It was a rework over a red painting from last year  
and I began to doubt my decision to change it.
The work was going downhill very quickly.

Today, after a relaxing coffee morning with 
a friend, I was in the mood to try once more.

This time my progress was so different.
I focused on colour and tonal changes,
working quickly to make a loose seascape.

I am pleased with the result.
It’s a ‘keeper’...for now.

Moving on...

After the experience with ‘Weather the Storm’
I was eager to resume work on another piece
which was giving me a hard time. 

This picture had been reworked recently
from one I painted several years ago.

Although I was happy with the change,
the dark blue ‘squiggle’ mark on the right
had invited a comment from someone 
who asked what it ‘meant’. 

I said the title is ‘Fair and Square’
as I couldn’t think of another useful answer.

Suddenly my painting screamed ‘change me’.
I could never see this picture again in the same way. 

Well...that is the end of it.
That picture has gone.

I painted over it many times.
Colours were changed
but nothing was working.

I went to bed leaving a large image 
of pea green soup to dry on the wall.

Now there are signs of life.

I began the rescue with a dark mix of
Cobalt blue deep and Burnt Sienna
with blue/green oils from the ‘Storm’ painting.

Traces of the previous image have been left 
to show through the darkened appearance.
The raised texture and scratches add interest.

It’s drying on the wall.
I have titled it...

‘Darkened Land’.

Oils and cold wax medium on 
30 x 40 inch box canvas.

I shall resist any attempts to lighten the painting.
The dark, gloomy atmosphere is now the focus.

Persistence eventually won the day.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

More playtime.

Time to relax awhile...

Little studies of fun.

Oils and cold wax medium on 8 x 10 inch board.

As a break from other jobs
I made some loose, intuitive studies today.

Sometimes these casual paintings 
turn out to be favourites
and I rather like that one.  

Re-working paintings can also bring surprises.
This small 16 x 16 inch canvas was mainly red
and orange before I added the blue/green.

When I turned it round, this aspect looked right...
there is a suggestion of an abstracted landscape.

‘Of wild places’

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas.

Work in progress.

Some paintings at the 
‘not sure where they are going’ stage.

To be continued.

More work in progress...

My studio is undergoing some changes.
Nothing too radical, just a re-positioning of 
tables and space to work on larger pieces.

I now have a little kitchen and dining area 
at one end for relaxing with a cuppa.

The biggest change is my Posh Privy...or Dunny,
or just plain ‘outside loo’ behind my workshop.

This project began last summer with
the delivery of a new shed and two eco
waterless toilets which are now fitted.
There are still some things to finish 
but it’s coming together now.


The one that got away.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

The right track.

Being sidetracked...

I didn’t plan to paint today...
there were other jobs to be done.

This was a sidetracked moment
which continued for three hours.

I admit it did not go well.
Two canvases went in the bin and 
two more have been put aside.

Determined I wouldn’t be beaten 
I persevered and these two 
paintings began to take shape.

They are drying on the wall.
To convince myself they have 
a future I gave them titles...

‘Stay and rest awhile’

Oils and cold wax medium 
on 20 x 20 inch canvas 

‘The tide is full tonight’

Oils and cold wax medium on 
20 x 20 inch canvas 

“Find out what you want to do by doing it”

(Words by artist Robert Dash)

Doing is the key...

Perhaps my time wasn’t wasted.

I shall find out in the morning 

when I open the studio door.

That’s all for now...

Until next time 

Thank you for visiting.



Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Start as you mean to go on.

Welcome to my 2020 Studio.

I am happy that I’ve had the chance

 to be a painter....

making things the world 

doesn’t necessarily ask for.

A detail from my first 2020 painting 

My new year art resolution 

is to continue making things 

the world doesn’t ask for.  

I can please myself.

Today I re-visited a painting from my home 

using the existing colours as a base to 

apply some random marks and scribbles.

I shall leave it to dry before deciding it’s future.

‘Fair and Square’

Oils and cold wax medium on 36 x 40 inch canvas 

I shall return...

Until next time.

Thank you for visiting.