Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Giving a little happiness.

Mail Art

I often use my small paintings as greetings cards to send 
for birthdays and other occasions but this gesture of
gifting a small work of art to another artist is a delight.

On Monday I received this gift from another painter.

Lee A Monts in USA.  

'Mail Art' became popular in the 1960s,
but the first Mail Artist was Ray Johnson in 1943.

Mail Art can be anything which fits in 
an envelope and sent via the postal service.  
Small-scale art works like postcards, 
poems, drawings and collages.  

The pleasure of receiving a work of art
in the mailbox is like having another birthday.  
Thank you Lee.  

I was looking through my box of oil and 
cold wax paintings on paper.   There are 
several suitable little pieces for me to gift. 
I shall join this 'Renaissance'.  


Here are three little pictures which 
will soon be on their way.

From Wild at Heart Garden...

Autumn is here...

Our wild paddock with silvery seed heads
of Rosebay Willowherb 

Mullein for 2021

A soft and velvety self sown plant
in the wild garden. 

That's all for now,
until next time,
thank you for visiting.