Monday, 31 July 2017


All is Calm   Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches  

Night comes to the coast after a warm day.

Studio Musings...

This painting has been resting in my studio for months.
I wanted to re-work parts of it to add more drama.

Now the scene is a little textured in the foreground.
The sky has been deepened in hues, reflected in the water.

This might be submitted for inclusion in a group show.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Storm Overhead   Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches

Storm clouds gathering.  Rain is on the way.

Studio Musings...

I am submitting this painting for the next Lincolnshire Artists' Society show.
It will be one of four other pieces of similar size.

My frames are in a distressed gold traditional style.
Made for me by Graham Perkins at Forge Arts, Hackthorn.

The frame is just a little too bright for my landscape.
This is easily changed with oils mixed to a muted hue and
brushed/stippled onto the gold.

I will post a photograph when I have done the job.
Here is one frame already completed.

Saturday Light  Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches

The subtle colour is less harsh and suits the painting.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

It takes two.

Two of a kind   Back from the framer

Here are two seascapes in a chunky 'gold finished' frame.

Studio Musings...

I am going through a gold phase.

These look at home on a dark wall or a white one. I like the vertical format. 
 There is room for the shore in the foreground.

Suitable for a narrow wall.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Crisp day.

Winter Shore   Oils on board  8 x 16 inches

A bright, cold day at the coast.

Studio Musings...

I like this wide format for a landscape.
Framing was interesting.

My usual choice of frame is a creamy white but I felt this could be different.

I chose a dark frame to pick up the colours in the foreground.

My framer had enough to make this frame but it is now discontinued.
He is looking for a similar moulding for me.

Getting a good framer sympathetic to one's needs is important.
My framer Graham Perkins based at Hackthorn near Lincoln is a star. 

If you need your art framing here is the


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Extra time.

Third day   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Estuary highlights.  Texture and tide.

Studio Musings...

I have visited this scene three times.
Each time I changed the image a little.

This time I will leave it as finished.

I once heard someone say...

"It takes two people to paint a picture. One with the brush and
the second to take it away before it is ruined".

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Night  Oils on canvas board  7 x 5 inches

Nightfall...edge of tide, quiet time.

Studio Musings...

A small study in tone.
Contrasts and colour.

A small painting with presence.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

After rain.

Saturday Light   Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches  

Sunshine.  A brief interlude on a wet morning.  

Studio Musings...

I am preparing work for submitting to a show in September.
A series of four seascapes are drying and will be framed in traditional gold.

 To dull the 'gleam' they have been hand finished to give a softer, distressed look.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Soggy surface.

Wet Marsh   Oils on board  17 x 24 cm

Ebb tide and a wet marsh along the Lincolnshire coast.

Studio Musings...

I have used a previous marsh painting for this.
  Allowing parts to still be visible, the focus is on the marsh grasses.

Green was loosely brushed and sculpted to resemble the swirls of grasses. 
 The subtle colours of mud and shore add shape and form to the shore.

A frothy edge of the sea was added with swift strokes of a creamy white.
The Pale coloured sandbanks pick up the sunlight in the distance.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

All sizes.

Shore Shapes   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches   

A tapestry of shapes along the shore.

Studio Musings...

In this study the shapes resemble sand, creeks and water.
An old canvas was used allowing parts of the previous work to show through.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

View of the day.

Bay Watching   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Light and shade.  A Yorkshire Bay.

Studio Musings...

Hurried brush marks, little time for questioning.
This often makes a relaxed study.  Bold strokes with light and shade.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Around Cromer   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Soft light over the Norfolk coast.

Studio Musings...

Soft and muted for a sense of place.
A few brush strokes making marks.

My way of interpreting the landscape. 
I wanted to let nature say it all.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mixed terrain.

Limestone Ridge   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Chunks of limestone on the surface of the Lincolnshire Ridge.

Studio Musings...

I am interested in the land and how it changes over the seasons.
The absence of crops in this field reveals chunks of limestone
picking up the sunlight.  I like the variety of colours and textures.

Abstracting what is there and making a picture about texture
I used brush and knife to sculpt the paint.  Thicker parts pick up light.

Juicy oils and imagination.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Showing off.

Sundown   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Evening show begins...a colourful end to the day.

Studio Musings...

I love grey.  Muted colours are my kind of thing.
My work is often about the soft, flat light of the Lincolnshire landscape.

However...nature has a wild variety of colours in her paintbox.
Lifting the lid I felt like dazzling myself with the evening 
performance as the sun drops beyond the horizon.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Meadow   Oils on canvas board  7 x 5 inches

Jumbles of flowers on a July morning.

Studio Musings...

Our wild garden is a riot of 'fullness' at this time of the year.
Rosebay Willowherb, thistles, grasses and other 
wild plants jostle for room to display their personality.

The warm sun brings butterflies and bees to sip the nectar.
I cannot resist the urge to put it into paint.

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Warm days.

Summer  Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches  

Wolds in bloom on a warm summer day.

Studio Musings...

Painting a loose image is often all that is needed to give an idea.
Our brain fills in the details triggering memories of things once seen.

My work is about this approach to depicting the landscape.
A few marks and smudges can suggest trees, shrubs, flowers and grass.

The biggest danger is overworking.
A little can say enough.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017


Wetland   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Light patterns on wet ground.

Studio Musings...

This is an old picture re-worked into another landscape.

Part of the fun of making art is experimentation.
Using something like an old board, it doesn't matter if it fails.

The existing image can be a starting point.
This picture has traces of moorland and sky which I kept.

Next, I had to decide if it would be an estuary, beach or fields.

A little imagination and ten minutes later there was
 a suggestion of marsh, sandbank and a wet surface.
There might be a small tarn in the distance.

Sweeps of lighter paint from left to right give a v formation.
These lead my eye up to the horizon whilst the foreground
 has an impression of standing water and reflections.

One for the studio...demonstration box.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Light and shade.

Garden Corner   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches  

A wild garden in summer.

Studio Musings...

This scene may be anywhere but is inspired by the light in our own garden.
  It is late afternoon after rain and the sun shines briefly.
 The pale trunks of a Silver Birch tree gleam for a moment .

Shadows are full of colour too.  
The shrubbery has ins and outs with some dry grasses in front.

Making loose patches of colour gives the impression of depth.
Very abstracted but I hope you get the idea.

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Friday, 14 July 2017


Shore and Sea  Oils on canvas board  8 x 8 inches 

Pools and sandbanks, mud and marsh

Studio Musings...

Colours of the coast.
A rainbow in my mind.

Painting is such fun and there is no requirement to be totally true.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017


Drama   Oils on board  8.5 x 5.5 inches

Dramatic times and light over land

Studio Musings...

Someone described this as a calm painting.
Calm drama.  

A third re-work just for fun.
I will call it finished now.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


East Coast    Oils on canvas board  12 x 8 inches 

A textured shore at low tide.

Studio Musings...

Looking for things on the shore.
A favourite place to paddle and search.

I grew up near Lincolnshire's East Coast
playing on the beach and sand dunes.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tumbling down.

Ochre Stream   Oils on canvas board  7 x 5 inches

A stream tumbles down the hillside in Derbyshire's Peak District.

Studio Musings...

Painted loosely this small study is about a stream in Derbyshire 
coloured with the mineral yellow ochre.  Rushing down the hillside
it contrasts with the greens of trees and grass.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Flurry of colour.

Weather Dance   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches

Sundown over the lake in winter.

Studio musings...

Winter sunsets are often spectacular.
This lake is like a large mirror filled with coloured light.

Gestural brush strokes brought this study to life.

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