Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bright start.

Early Hour   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   7 x 9 inches   £ 105   $ 130

Frost lies in the hedgerows as the sun comes up.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

This study is an example of using a previous painting for a new work.
The first was a view of spring wheatfields and quite a green picture.

I decided to change it but keep some of the green as our 
fields are showing bright fresh growth of new corn. 

Winter brings lovely violet greys to our Lincolnshire landscape.
A lovely companion to the yellow green.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Crisp air.

Slight Frost   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   8 x 11 inches  £ 105   $ 130

Winter walking on frosty fields.

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Studio Musings...

Continuing my travels on gessoed paper I like to sketch with oils.
No pre-determined plan other than an initial thought of either land or coast.

Even this can change as I work.
 If the painting isn't going well I will scrape down or rub it around to begin again.

This is one advantage of painting in my studio as I am not influenced by
outside elements.  I am free to wander in my mind.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fine times.

Between Showers   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   11 x 7 inches  £ 105   $ 130

Nature's tapestry on the rolling hills. 
 Sun brings out the colours after the rain.   

Studio Musings...

I completely missed writing my blog yesterday as you might have noticed.
I was engrossed in household jobs and forgot.

To make up for that I will post two in one today.

Autumn Glow   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  8 x 12 inches  £ 106  $ 130

Remembering autumn and a view up a green lane.

The track on the left leads my eye towards the warm horizon.
Light in the sky is echoed on the ground.

I have been making a group of studies on this watercolour paper.
The gessoed surface is really good for rough brush strokes giving the
impression of twiggy tree tops and clumps of grass
.  Dimples in the paper catch and hold the oils. 

Quickly painted I try not to tighten up and fiddle.  
It is very tempting to add just a few more marks and then regret it.

(Both paintings are available on
or an email to me for UK collectors).

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Soft lines.

River View  Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches  £ 55   $ 70

The distant hills are shrouded in mist.
Low tide along the river walk.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

This small tonal study came out of a re-work.
The image changed from moorland to river as I painted.

A brush sweep on the horizon reminded me of a hillside in mist.
Rocks, mud and weed in the foreground are what remain from the previous piece.

I added a few extra marks to resemble sand and light on small pools.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Low Sun.

Winter Evening   Oils on board  5.5 x 8.5 inches  £ 85   $ 100

Sparkling frost on the lakeside reeds. 
The sun sinks lower as evening comes.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

I really enjoy making marks and seeing what emerges.
One of the great things about not having a definite plan is the element of surprise.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Bright new day.

Moorlands   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   £ 120   $ 130 

Moorland in all its colours.  A promise of a fine day.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

Recent days have been filled with garden maintenance. 
We have had the tree surgeons here for two days
 felling  large trees which were near our house.
 Lots of carting and splitting logs for storing. 

 Painting has been fitted in to spare moments.
Uploading the images and writing my blog are my first tasks today.

Happy Christmas.

Here is a 16 x 16 inch painting on stretched box canvas...

'Tide turning, Sunlit Bay'

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Silent Night.

Night Forest   Oils on canvas board   12 x 10 inches   £ 180   

The night before Christmas. 
 A glimpse into the forest at midnight.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

Good wishes to all from my studio.
Happy Christmas.

Friday, 23 December 2016


River Walk   Oils on board  4 x 6 inches  £ 55   $ 70

Green and lush by the river.
A walk with Whippet in summer.

(Available from

River Walk  by the window with a winter garden.

Studio Musings...

Away from the greys today. 
 A return to summer in this little study.

Some of my favourite paintings are small. 
 Making a piece of work to look large is great fun using a large brush.

The brush size prevents me from being too fussy about detail.
I am more interested in tone, colour and shapes.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Wandering through.

Valley   Oils on board  5 x 8 inches   £ 50  $ 70

River winds through the valley.  A gentle place before night.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

I wanted a dark feeling to this little study.
The light still catches the horizon and the water in the foreground
 but the valley is getting ready for bed.

Continuing my tonal studies, an abstracted point of view.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Hedgerow   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches  £ 55  $ 70

A Lincolnshire hedgerow waiting for the storm.
Dark clouds on the horizon.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

Just a group of marks, colour and tone.
Nothing in fine detail yet there is a sense of the landscape.

It is so thrilling to push the paint beyond reality
 making a picture about nothing but imagination.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


River   Oils on board  6 x 4 inches  SOLD

Winter comes to the River Till. 
 Snow flurries linger in the sky.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

Another week of small studies in grey.  
Not that I am in a grey mood...I love mixing greys and find them so subtle.

They are great for tonal studies and as an exercise in atmosphere.

Tarn   Oils on board  4 x 8 inches   £ 65

An upland pool with a hint of ice on the surface.
Another study in grey.

(Available from

Monday, 19 December 2016

Life at the top.

Top Ridge Track   Oils on board  12 x 19 cms   £ 55   $ 75

Winter on the ridge.  Light on the track.  
A gestural view.

(Available on

Studio Musings...

The start of another series of small grey studies.
Someone has said the greys are 'mouse'.

I like that description.
Our wild garden is home to mice.

Other thoughts...

This week I am reading a book called 'Clear Seeing Place'
 by painter Brian Rutenberg from South Carolina.
 I am a keen follower of his work and watch his online YouTube series
'Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits'.  His book is a companion to these videos. 

I can recommend both for anyone interested in atmospheric landscapes.

Just a little reminder..

My website has closed.
Replaced by this blog and my two online galleries.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Silver Shore   Oils on board  9 x 11 inches   
 In a hand painted silver grey 'antique' frame.

Available on  £ 225   $ 280

The East coast in winter on a grey day. 
 Serene and quiet at low tide.

Studio Musings...

A simple composition and a traditional frame.
The silver grey frame sits well with the cool soft hues of the work.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hedge and Weather   Oils on gessoed 140lb watercolour paper on board.
In a cream hand-painted wood frame. 14 x 18 inches  £ 290   $ 375

(Available from Daily

Whatever the weather...the hedgerow withstands it all.

Studio Musings...

Winter.  The season of greys and touches of autumn colour.
This is my favourite time of year to paint.

The abundant greys are what attract me with tonal qualities.
Our Lincolnshire farming landscape is what I see each day when I walk with Whippet.
Hedgerows, ruts and puddles and big skies.

The watercolour paper is a beautiful surface.
It catches traces of paint in the little dimples as I sweep the broad brush across.

Thursday Morning   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches   £ 180

A soft and subtle grey day in December.  Abstract qualities of landscape.

(Available from

Another brush with grey. 
 Heavy clouds fill the sky as the watery sunlight breaks through.

A large worn brush made the marks.
  As the bristles begin to curl due to scrubbing on a rough surface 
they make curious little flicks of paint resembling grasses and twigs.
It delights me every time.  I love a well-used brush.

Standing back I can see the whole picture to critique my work.

Is there enough variety and change in tone?   
Have I captured the essence of the scene?
Am I loose and abstract with minimum detail?

I don't seek perfection. 
I seek atmosphere.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Cool morning.

Winter Dawn   Oils on board  5 x 7 inches  £ 55   $ 70

A watery sun peeps through the clouds. 
Light comes to the winter fields.

Available on Daily Paintworks

Studio Musings...

The last study in this mini series of grey.
Where will the paint take me next?

I like an element of mystery in my painting day. 
 There are no workbooks or sketches in my studio.
I scrub shapes and marks onto the canvas or board which trigger ideas as I work.

Part of the adventure in paint is being unpredicable. 
 I have no idea if it will succeed.  I just close the door and work.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wild winter.

Wild Warren   Oils on board  4 x 4 inches  £ 38  $ 50

Winter where the rabbits play.  A trace of ice on the pool.

Available on Daily Paintworks

Studio musings...

These tiny studies are very thrilling to paint.  
No tiny brush...a one inch flat is perfect for all the marks.

Mark making is the key...not fine detail.  
I like to make a sense of place.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Warm Shores   Oils on board  4 x 4 inches  SOLD

Patterns of colour and tone work together in this little study.

Studio Musings...

There is a time when a painter can be 'on a roll' and work seems to leap off the easel.
I must add this does not happen every day!  

I have learned to let the paintings speak to me 
and if the mood is right I will go with the flow.
All sense of time vanishes. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Cool shades.

Snow Glistens   Oils on canvas board   6 x 6 inches   SOLD

Warmth peeps through the grey of winter.
Wet fields with little drifts of snow.

Available on Daily Paintworks

Winter Field   Oils on board  4 x 4 inches  SOLD

A golden glow lights up the winter field.

A tiny painting with a big personality.

Available on Artfinder