Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hedge and Weather   Oils on gessoed 140lb watercolour paper on board.
In a cream hand-painted wood frame. 14 x 18 inches  £ 290   $ 375

(Available from Daily

Whatever the weather...the hedgerow withstands it all.

Studio Musings...

Winter.  The season of greys and touches of autumn colour.
This is my favourite time of year to paint.

The abundant greys are what attract me with tonal qualities.
Our Lincolnshire farming landscape is what I see each day when I walk with Whippet.
Hedgerows, ruts and puddles and big skies.

The watercolour paper is a beautiful surface.
It catches traces of paint in the little dimples as I sweep the broad brush across.

Thursday Morning   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches   £ 180

A soft and subtle grey day in December.  Abstract qualities of landscape.

(Available from

Another brush with grey. 
 Heavy clouds fill the sky as the watery sunlight breaks through.

A large worn brush made the marks.
  As the bristles begin to curl due to scrubbing on a rough surface 
they make curious little flicks of paint resembling grasses and twigs.
It delights me every time.  I love a well-used brush.

Standing back I can see the whole picture to critique my work.

Is there enough variety and change in tone?   
Have I captured the essence of the scene?
Am I loose and abstract with minimum detail?

I don't seek perfection. 
I seek atmosphere.

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