Monday, 19 December 2016

Life at the top.

Top Ridge Track   Oils on board  12 x 19 cms   £ 55   $ 75

Winter on the ridge.  Light on the track.  
A gestural view.

(Available on

Studio Musings...

The start of another series of small grey studies.
Someone has said the greys are 'mouse'.

I like that description.
Our wild garden is home to mice.

Other thoughts...

This week I am reading a book called 'Clear Seeing Place'
 by painter Brian Rutenberg from South Carolina.
 I am a keen follower of his work and watch his online YouTube series
'Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits'.  His book is a companion to these videos. 

I can recommend both for anyone interested in atmospheric landscapes.

Just a little reminder..

My website has closed.
Replaced by this blog and my two online galleries.

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