Tuesday, 7 December 2021

What's it all about?


This week I am in a pondering mood.
Winter is a good time for me to look and think.

Which are my favourite paintings and why? 

I do have a few in my personal collection.

Here is one I painted two years ago...
It rests on the window sill of the conservatory.

It is a reworked canvas.
I like the simple composition 
and the bands of rolled on paint.

It has warmth and a feel of winter.
Lighter 'frosty' parts and reds 
resembling embers on the fire.

'Divided Opinions'

Oils and cold wax medium on 
24 x 24 inch canvas.

Another favourite is this small canvas...


Oils and cold wax medium on 16 x 12 inch canvas 

It was reworked several times and wasn't going well.
I was very close to throwing it out but in
desperation I scraped a lot of paint away 
leaving softened areas and just these
small patches of green and yellow.

Suddenly the picture had intrigue and
a sense of weathering over time.
Through my destruction came life.

I became closer to it after the struggles.

  Another reworked canvas below...

It had previously been in an art Show and
when it returned to the Studio I decided to 
change it completely into a new image.

I like the variety of shapes and
the harmonious colour palette.

'Happy Ending'

Oils and cold wax medium on 
20 x 24 inch canvas.

There seems to be a theme appearing.

This canvas has an under painting of
warm colours, parts of which are showing 
through the new layers of oils and wax.

It took a lot of scraping and re-applying 
to come to a successful outcome.

Several times I returned to the canvas,
working at it to find what I wanted.

The pale green was brushed over some
raised areas adding a mysterious feeling.

The patch of purple is scored through with scratches.


Oils and cold wax medium on 20 x 20 inch canvas 

Lastly, another reworked picture which
hangs in my home.  I finished it last Christmas.
It has a 3D effect after I applied many layers.

Warm over cool. 
Dark against light and a patch
of bright sap green to add zest.

'In the wild'

Oils and cold wax medium on 24 x 24 inch canvas 

What has my observation taught me?
Why are some paintings special?
I wondered if the struggles played a part.

It does seem strange that all these pictures 
are ones I saved from the 'bonfire'.

It can take days or weeks for some pieces to reach a 
satisfactory conclusion and many never do.
I have destroyed hundreds over 20 years.

That's all for now...
thank you for visiting.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Special Studio prices...

🎄 Until Christmas I am offering 20% 
off my Studio pictures...🎄

Coastal Colours 1

Coastal Colours 2

A pair of oil studies...

Oils and cold wax 10 x 10 inches
Arches oil paper on cradled wood panels

£ 80 each - £ 140 the pair

Please get in touch with me if you would like to reserve/own one.

Collection is from my studio by arrangement, 
or I can ship small pieces.

More Special Offers...from my collection 

'Textured Shore'

Oils and cold wax medium 
on 16 x 16 inch canvas 
in a white wood float frame.

£ 350


Oils and cold wax medium 
on 16 x 16 inch canvas in 
a black wood float frame.


'Tangled 1 & 2'.  

 A pair of abstract wild garden studies. 
 Oils on 8 x 8 inch panel in wood box frames


Tangled 1 & 2

The canvas below is offered at a very special price...

'Shimmering blue over summer sand'. 

Oils and cold wax on 12 x 12 inch canvas in a wood float frame.  

A freestanding picture on cradled panel...  

'Forever Blue'

Oils and cold wax on Arches oil paper.

Mounted on an 8x8 inch cradled wood panel which will stand or hang.

Special Studio price - now £50

Can be shipped...add UK £10 & International £25-30.

'Day out'

8x8 inch painting on paper mounted on a cradled wood panel.

Golden Open Acrylics on 300gsm smooth white paper.

Special Studio price - now £50

Shipped...add UK £10 & International £25-30.

Check out all the available work on my website 
Click on the link 

Thank you for visiting...

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Open Day.

Halloween Special 

The last Open Day this year.

Lots of reduced paintings, gifts and cards.

I shall continue to open by arrangement 
if you wish to see or purchase a painting from the Studio.   

Some smaller pieces can also be shipped.

Thank you to all my art friends for your support.

Good wishes from Wild at Heart Studio & Garden.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, 21 October 2021


Autumn treasures....

Fly Agaric near Betula pendula 

Always colourful these fungi
come each year near the Birch trees.

The garden is getting some attention before winter,
but it is my website which has had the re-vamp.

It must be around 3 or 4 years since I designed it
and I felt it was getting a little stale.
So last night I got it re-organised and updated.

Here is the link:

All for now...
Until next time 

Thank you for visiting,

Happy painting 🎨🎨🎨

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

The Show goes on.

Open Sundays.

Welcome to art lovers...

I am happy to open my Studio for visitors 
each Sunday until the weather gets really cold.

Just a few hours from 11am until 3pm.
I have lots of art bargains which can be gifts for art lovers.


Oils on an 8 x 8 inch Ampersand panel 
mounted in a white float frame.

This little study is a demonstration piece 
from last week using leftover oils on my palette.

I like the subtle colours and how a few scrapes
 and scratches make an atmospheric picture.

On sale now £ 120

Below is a new painting completed last week.
I reworked a previous picture.

The colour palette is warm and 
reminiscent of my autumn garden...

'Happy Ending'

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 
20 x 24 inches in an off-white wood float frame.

Moving paint on a paper palette makes
intriguing marks which are little studies.

Here are marks made when I was blending 
oils and wax before starting to paint.

Below are some bookmarks hanging on lines
in the Studio...

Little bookmarks.

Oil paintings on Arches oil paper

an ideal 'stocking filler' for £2 

That's all for now.
Until next time...

Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Sunny Sunday.

Open Studio 

I shall be in my Studio on Sunday 3rd October 
if you want to drop by and visit.

Open from 11am until 3pm

Several paintings are on offer 
at special prices and there are
oil painting cards & bookmarks.

Cards and little pictures...

'Forever Blue'

This oil painting on Arches oil paper 
mounted on an 8x8 inch cradled wood panel 
is just £50...an ideal gift for Christmas.

My Studio and workshop...


Art is for sharing...
a gift from me on Sundays in October 

Come and browse my archived boxes of artwork.

A warm welcome to you all


Monday, 20 September 2021

More diary dates.


Many thanks to all the visitors who came
to my Studio Open Day on Sunday.

I really enjoyed meeting you.

Enthused by the event, I have decided 
to have two more days before the weather turns cold.

Here is the invitation to the next events.
Come and see where these paintings are made.

Below is an oil painting I found in my store.
It was painted a few years ago.

I have hung it in the studio.

'Ebbing tide'

Oils on panel 9 x 11 inches

Another oil painting below from my store.
It's like meeting an old friend.

'Before the tide'

Oils and cold wax medium on 10 x 12 inch canvas board 

This small oil painting has now gone.

'Ebb tide' 

One of my visitors on Sunday has given it a new home.

A little corner of my garden.
This Iceberg climbing rose was 
planted in 1975.

That's all for now...
thank you for your company.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Open Day.

In my studio...

I am opening my Wild at Heart studio on 
Sunday 19 September 
just for a few hours, 11am until 3pm..

Please take me as you find me,
it's quite a wild place in a tiny village.

Happy to meet anyone who comes.

My artist granddaughter Dixie is coming to help
and her new painting will be on display.

If you would like to visit and see what
happens in this timber cabin,
we are off the A57 two miles from Saxilby,
on Main Street, Broxholme.

Visit my website...
Click here

Catching up with things.

It's autumn...

Where have two months gone?
I have suddenly realised that my last blog was in June.

I have retrieved this blog from the 'saved' 
section and decided to post it now.

I was talking about mounting some acrylic 
paintings on cradled panels....

......Continuing the mounting process...
I mounted these pictures on 
8x8 inch cradled wood panels.

The square panels have a wider edge 
and will stand alone making a change from hanging.



'Passing by'

Back in June....

...Recently my time has been divided between garden and art.
Also, I have been inclined to sit around looking when it is hot.

Taking time to watch the birds, butterflies and bees
rather than looking for the next job.

A path to my studio...


Glorious Rosebay Willowherb
in the wild garden.


Rudbeckias in a tub.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly 
on Scabious flowers.


Now we are in September.
Autumn has really arrived and leaves
are falling from our trees after several 
weeks without rain.

The harvest is in and the days
are filled with the hum of tractors ploughing.

'Lost moments'

An oil painting after a rework.
I like the abstract feeling of this.
It has a hidden journey.

Click here to visit my website