Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Burning the midnight oil...(acrylic)

Late night painting.

This one is tiny!


Acrylic on 200gsm paper 

The picture here is deceptive...
it actually measures 3x2 inches..(ish)

I was painting last night before bedtime 
and wanted to see if I could make
a tiny painting using a 1 inch flat brush.

The larger brush encourages 
a loose way of working.

This is my result.  
I like it as it is like my
wild garden in winter.

Here is another painting
from the same session.  

'Wild Day'

Acrylics on paper

This time a suggestion of landscape 
on a wild day came to mind.

 I had used an A4 sheet of paper 
taped off with different sized portions.

Ideal for card-making.

That's all for now...
Thank you for visiting 

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