Saturday, 18 December 2021

Getting a grip.

Perseverance with a slippery surface.  

My adventures painting in acrylics 
with a one inch flat brush.

Two little 6 x 6 inch Ampersand panels.

Photographed against a fused glass sculpture 
by my friend Lorraine Thorpe.

These little pictures have been 
a challenge as the paint slides around 
on the smooth gesso surface.

I don't want to roughen it up so
perseverance is the only way.

Practice and patience.

'Across the pond'

As I painted, my thoughts turned to
wild places and nature reserves.

The golden reds might resemble autumn leaves.
Light in the sky sparkles on the water.

Nowhere in particular,
just a sense of place.


The calm before the storm.
Someone has just said it's reminiscent 
of a Norfolk beach.

I grew up in Humberston, near Cleethorpes.   
My childhood memories are of the open 
beaches along the East coast.  

My painting journey.

Twenty years ago I discovered the
paintings of Norfolk artist Edward Seago.

His loose brushwork inspired me and his
ability to make a few brush strokes 
say a lot without fuss was something I
wanted in my own work.

I knew I had a long journey ahead.
Perseverance and patience.

For several years I painted land and seascapes 
before moving from reality towards abstraction.

Below is one of my paintings from 2012...
I think my painterly 'hand-writing' is still there. 

'Grey Day'

Oils on canvas 10 x 12 inch board
painted around 2012.

That's all for now...
Thank you for visiting.

Good wishes,

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