Saturday, 22 August 2020

Little stars

Sharing my studio.

Introducing my two grandchildren...

Gouache and watercolour painting by Dixie age 7

Watercolour painting by Fox age 2

Dixie and Fox came to visit last weekend.
They both love drawing and painting in my studio.

I am happy to show you their lovely adventurous work. 

Recently with my own work...

A few paintings have had a few changes.

Top left....This picture had a final small touch of blue.

It's a delight to see how a simple mark can make the difference.
The painting has been on a long journey and I cannot 
remember what is underneath all the layers.

I like it and will keep it in the studio for a while.

Another painting had a slight change...

The light yellow/green at the base of this canvas
adds interest and balances the composition.


It can be tempting to add more but restraint 
can be the difference between success and disaster.

On the painting below
a little leftover light green paint
was rolled on the surface.

It has become the focus for me.
A calming element and somewhere 
for the eye to rest.

'Taking a less travelled path'

Oils and cold wax medium on 36x24 inch canvas

A bundle of fun...


These are little paintings on Arches oil paper.
I shall use them for greetings cards.
Making these tiny paintings is
a good way of keeping ideas flowing.


Our wild garden at sunset
A place of peace.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting