Monday, 31 October 2016


Landscape   Oils on stretched box canvas   20 x 20 inches  (unframed)   

Fresh and untroubled...a surprise view of the landscape.

This canvas fits into a white hand-painted wood float frame.
Alternatively, it may be hung without as the sides are painted.

Studio Musings...

A change from near realism to beyond the vision.

Free brush strokes and knife scraping back, 
the painting began to take on the landscape image.

All aspects of the land are there, weathered and windblown.
Rivers and streams, moors and coastal cliffs. 
Flashes of light between storms.

Look and you will find.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

West view.

Broxholme Fields   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   7.5 x 11 inches   £ 225   $ 300
  In a cream hand-painted wood frame

Looking west at the end of our garden.
  The harvested fields glow with warmth in the late summer sun.

Studio Musings...

This view always interests me.  I have often painted it as the scene changes each season.
This was after the harvesters had left the field and the bales taken away.

Now there is a green crop of oilseed rape growing.
The flowers will be a bright acid yellow in spring. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Growing up.

Edyth's Hornbeam   Oils on board  9 x 13 inches   SOLD

Shapes and colours in the copse.  The Hornbeam in autumn.

Studio Musings...

32 years ago a friend gave me a small Hornbeam sapling for our wild garden.
I remember when it was struggling to grow and not get eaten by the rabbits.

Now, this sapling is around 30 feet high...wide and bushy. A match for any rabbit.

This sketch study is a reminder of the early days surrounded by new friends.  
Thank you Edyth...your sapling is doing well.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Closing in.

Hedge and Weather   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  9 x 13 inches  

£ 280   $ 350   In a cream hand-painted wood frame.

This painting may be purchased unframed.  
Please email me for a revised price is getting stormy and wet along the hedgerow.
An expressive study on this autumn day.

Studio Musings...

I have been emailed this week by a viewer in USA saying he loves my abstract landscapes. 
He thinks my paintings are close to crossing the line into realism.
Do I ever paint realistically?

My reply.  I could take a photograph which would come somewhere close to realism.
However, when I look at a subject I see atmosphere and a sense of place.

Realism is not for me to depict.  My aim as a painter is to make marks trying to come somewhere close to the emotional response I feel or felt at the time.

Abstracting detail and moving the oils around helps me to do this.
If I began painting realistic details I would lose the essence of my way of working.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Shallows   Oils on board  17 x 27 cms   £ 245   $ 300

The shallow water picks up reflected colours to blend
 with the weed, mud and sand of the Estuary.
A study of atmosphere.

In a hand-painted wood frame.

Studio Musings...

Two weeks ago I thought this little piece was finished.
However...I couldn't resist a re-visit.

Not a lot.  Just a darkening of the blue violet beneath the distant cliff.
A touch of peach pink, and a smudge of yellow green for warmth.
Enough said.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Precipitation   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches   £ 280   $ 350

A flurry of winter around the corner?

In a cream hand-painted wood frame. 
May be sold unframed...please email me for revised price.

Studio Musings...

This painting has had three changes in as many weeks.
It was always featuring the stormy weather but this time I
wanted to have a wintery theme.  The wind ruffles the water on the river.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Not long.

Night Beckoning   oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches   £ 62   $ 75

Along the estuary...nightfall approaches.  

Studio Musings...

Another day and another study at speed.
I hope tomorrow brings more time at my easel.  

However, the upside of having to work quickly brings a few benefits.
There is less time for fussing.  A small study is created in around 20 minutes.

My way of painting is to pick up a toned board, scrub on a few marks and then
 decide where I will take the image.  Landscape, seascape or a sky study?

This one seemed to point towards a riverscape as the broad blue stroke in the foreground suggested the edge of water.  A few touches of peach, a dash of creamy white and the river was done.  The sky carries the same colours and suggests the source of light.

There are no rules...just a little imagination.  
Put it on the canvas and leave it.  

I can picture myself standing there looking out towards the distant hills.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Lighting up time.

Lakeside Lights   Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches  £ 65   $ 75

Lights over the lake...atmospheric and dramatic.

Studiio Musings...

It had to be time for a long painting session today.
Taking a soft yellow primed canvas board I made a start.

My idea was a lakeside with sunset.  
Working quickly, marks and colours that blend together and last flourishes for effect.

Job done.  A study I am pleased with.


Just a reminder that my painting prices include shipping.  No extra charge.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

After a windy day.

Windswept Bay   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  8 x 11 inches   £ 245  $ 300

After a stormy night the promise of a brighter day.  Clouds are scudding by.

In a cream, hand-painted wood frame.
(May be purchased unframed...please email me for a revised price)

Studio Musings...

I love painting these scenes.  
It is thrilling making marks which give the sort of feeling I want.

I begin with a sort of painted sketch scrubbed onto the paper.
This will represent the rocks, seaweed and mud.

The sky is also scrubbed in roughly to give an atmospheric look.
This paper was initially undercoated with a warm wash which shows through in places.

As well as breaking up a solid sky, the warm parts lift the painting giving layers of cloud.
Adding the sand, water's edge and reflections is like the putting icing on the cake.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Winter Hill   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper   £ 80   $ 100  Special offer price

Something of mystery...where does the track lead?

Studio Musings...

Painting on paper is rather nice. 
 The dimples on the surface of this watercolour paper
 hold the paint giving texture to the surface.

Another advantage is being able to experiment without being afraid of the cost.
The paper is quite robust and when varnished can be framed without glass.

Another method for framing...

Mount the painting on board or foamboard, then attach to a piece of painted MDF
leaving a wide border before fitting into the rebate of a frame.

Friday, 21 October 2016

'Tis the season.

First Frosts   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches
(Available on

   A loose, impression of the lake on a frosty day.  

Studio Musings...

I returned to this painting after wondering if I should leave it as a landscape about fields.

Somehow I found myself turning it into a lakeside scene.
When I gave the bold sweep of the brush across the canvas
 I knew it had taken on a frosty look.

First of the 'winter' pieces.


From 19th November 2016 my website will be closed.

This blog will be my continue to be a daily contact with you
 and the link to my online gallery at Daily Paintworks.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


A slice of lemon   Oils on stretched box canvas   16 x 16 inches   £ 265   $ 350

Is it fruit, a field or a mountain?   Is that the sun...and a flower?
An abstract with lots of intrigue.

Painted around the sides, ready to hang.

Studio Musings...

This painting was a lot of fun to create.  Making marks, and painting around shapes.

I think it is bright and cheerful.  Zesty.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Afterwards   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper 10 x 12 inches  Framed  £ 245   $ 300

A mysterious scene...after a change in the weather.

Studio Musings...

I enjoy a sense of mystery and like to include this in my work.
Weather creates wonderful effects.
I have tried to capture some of this.

'Afterwards'  in a cream hand-painted wood frame  £ 245

(Unframed £ 200)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Morning walking.

Breaking Dawn   oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches   £ 65   $ 75

Walking at daybreak.  Quiet and calm along the shore.

Studio Musings...

This is one of my favourite scenes.  
Ebb tide and light.

Making marks to depict rocks, shore and pools I sculpted the oils to suit the mood.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Lighting up.

Evening along the Estuary   Oils on board   8 x 11 inches   £ 125  $ 150

Evening.  Lighting up the sky and shore of the Estuary.

Studio Musings...

I love making marks to represent weather.
This painting evolved into a scene about the Estuary.

Nowhere in particular...just my memories.


My website will be closed in November.

I have decided to use my Blog, Instagram and Daily Paintworks
to keep in touch with my art viewers.  I can be reached by email too.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Flower by the Stream   Oils on box canvas   12 x 12 inches  

When is a still life not so still?..when it is beside a stream.
A figurative 'abstract'.

Studio Musings...

This painting has been released for sale online.  
Previously exhibited and now unframed for buyer's choice.

The sides are painted ready for hanging, or it can be float framed.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Overhead lighting.

Winter Evening   Oils on board   8 x 16 inches   £ 165   $ 200

Setting sun one winter evening lights up the frosty hillside.

Studio Musings...

This painting has been released for sale online after exhibitions in the summer.

It is offered unframed for buyer's choice.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Secret track.

Lane by the Hedge   Oils on board   24 x 35 cms   £ 280   $ 350

Cream hand painted wood frame.

Beside the hedge, this sheltered track leads to the river.
Shadows make patterns on the field and puddles mirror the sky.

Studio Musings...

A painting released from an exhibition this summer.
Now offered for sale online.

Free shipping.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Nearly ready.

August Wheat  Oils on board  24 x 35 cms  £ 280  $ 350 

Cream hand painted wood frame.

A corner of the wheat field.  Shadows in the tractor wheelings.

Studio Musings...

Released from a recent show, this painting is framed and ready to hang.

Free shipping

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Down the lane.

Lane beside the hedge   Oils on canvas board   7 x 5 inches  £ 52   $ 65

The lane leads to the river. 
 Shadows and sunlight create patterns on the field.

Studio Musings...

The focus of this quick, loosely painted study is pattern.
Patterns in the sky, trees and dappled light on the ground.

There is also a sense of direction in the composition as the track leads the eye towards the trees in the distance.  Triangles are formed by the grass on the left and soil on the right.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Across the fields.

Bolingbroke Fields   Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches   £ 52   $ 65

Another look at the fields of Lincolnshire.  Up on the Wolds near Bolingbroke.

Studio Musings...

It was a hurried studio session today.  
A quick loose study on a prepared board painted with orange/red.

Parts of the underpainting show through giving a little warmth to the piece.

Monday, 10 October 2016

It's that hour...

Bewitching   Oils on board   12 x 12 inches   

(Available on

Intrigue and imagination...a venture into the unknown.

Studio Musings...

My studio visit would need to be brief today.  Other jobs in the house beckoned.

Looking around I wondered what to paint.  Then I spotted an old painting.
Time for an adventure.

It was one of those occasions when my brush and the paint took control.
The old image 'morphed' into this abstract and I really like it.

Here is the old painting...

'Twilight Zone'...