Sunday, 23 October 2016

After a windy day.

Windswept Bay   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  8 x 11 inches   £ 245  $ 300

After a stormy night the promise of a brighter day.  Clouds are scudding by.

In a cream, hand-painted wood frame.
(May be purchased unframed...please email me for a revised price)

Studio Musings...

I love painting these scenes.  
It is thrilling making marks which give the sort of feeling I want.

I begin with a sort of painted sketch scrubbed onto the paper.
This will represent the rocks, seaweed and mud.

The sky is also scrubbed in roughly to give an atmospheric look.
This paper was initially undercoated with a warm wash which shows through in places.

As well as breaking up a solid sky, the warm parts lift the painting giving layers of cloud.
Adding the sand, water's edge and reflections is like the putting icing on the cake.

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