Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Not long.

Night Beckoning   oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches   £ 62   $ 75

Along the estuary...nightfall approaches.  

Studio Musings...

Another day and another study at speed.
I hope tomorrow brings more time at my easel.  

However, the upside of having to work quickly brings a few benefits.
There is less time for fussing.  A small study is created in around 20 minutes.

My way of painting is to pick up a toned board, scrub on a few marks and then
 decide where I will take the image.  Landscape, seascape or a sky study?

This one seemed to point towards a riverscape as the broad blue stroke in the foreground suggested the edge of water.  A few touches of peach, a dash of creamy white and the river was done.  The sky carries the same colours and suggests the source of light.

There are no rules...just a little imagination.  
Put it on the canvas and leave it.  

I can picture myself standing there looking out towards the distant hills.

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