Friday, 28 October 2016

Closing in.

Hedge and Weather   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  9 x 13 inches  

£ 280   $ 350   In a cream hand-painted wood frame.

This painting may be purchased unframed.  
Please email me for a revised price is getting stormy and wet along the hedgerow.
An expressive study on this autumn day.

Studio Musings...

I have been emailed this week by a viewer in USA saying he loves my abstract landscapes. 
He thinks my paintings are close to crossing the line into realism.
Do I ever paint realistically?

My reply.  I could take a photograph which would come somewhere close to realism.
However, when I look at a subject I see atmosphere and a sense of place.

Realism is not for me to depict.  My aim as a painter is to make marks trying to come somewhere close to the emotional response I feel or felt at the time.

Abstracting detail and moving the oils around helps me to do this.
If I began painting realistic details I would lose the essence of my way of working.

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