Sunday, 16 January 2022

Making progress.

Staying small,
Looking large.

I have always believed a small painting can 
give an impression of depth and space.

These acrylic pictures are very small,
approximately 3x6 inches.

They are all part of a series of seascapes
in acrylics on paper.

'New Day'

'Day Out'


'Simply Sand'


All these paintings are now
made into greetings cards.

Some will be for sale on my 
Studio Open Days this summer.

My painting sessions are mostly 
at night before bedtime.

They are fun times, nothing too serious.
As the work is on paper there is no 
need to be precious which is often best 
for a loose, relaxed picture.

That's all for now,
thank you for visiting.

Wild at Heart Studio 

Monday, 3 January 2022

New ideas.

Making a start...2022

Three little paintings on paper 
which will make greetings cards.

Although abstract in appearance and design,
they gave me a feeling of the sea.

'Early Riser'

Acrylic on paper 

Just broad brush strokes and a
few scribbles for interest.

'Through the wave'

Acrylic on paper 

Reminiscent of the beach 
and waves, a circular mark
with a pen nib ties it all together.

'Beside the seaside'

Acrylic on paper 

This one has a jolly feeling 
like a childhood summer holiday.

The three abstracts join a growing pile 
of cards for me to use during the year.  

Some will be in my studio for sale
during my summer Open Days.

I like to vary the pictures, some are more 
realistic but still in a loose and atmospheric way.

Below are three 'seascapes'...


Acrylic on paper 

The paper is A4 size 250 or 300 gsm weight 
divided into 4 sections with adhesive tape.

Marks are made with a flat synthetic 1 inch brush 
and my palette is limited with 3 or 4 colours
which I mix and blend along the way.

I begin with a simple sweeping motion right 
across the paper and more paint is scrubbed on 
roughly forming an impression of 'sky and ground'.

As I work, a seascape emerges.
Nowhere in particular, it's just what seems
to come from the marks and shapes.

'New day'

Acrylic on paper 

I am making these pictures as a series of coastal studies.
Some are lighter and brighter, others are dark and moody.

My aim is to make an atmospheric picture.
I am more interested in a feeling rather 
than a photographic image.

I really like an uncluttered painting with minimal fuss
which is helped by using the 1 inch wide brush
so I don't tighten up too much.

The paintings are around 3 x 5 inches.

'Silent times'

Acrylic on paper 

This one is definitely a moody scene.
I was tempted to lighten it but resisted 
and now I am happy I left it alone.

It adds a sense of mystery.

a view from my wild garden.

A view towards the west boundary.

That's all for now...
Thank you for visiting.