Monday, 3 January 2022

New ideas.

Making a start...2022

Three little paintings on paper 
which will make greetings cards.

Although abstract in appearance and design,
they gave me a feeling of the sea.

'Early Riser'

Acrylic on paper 

Just broad brush strokes and a
few scribbles for interest.

'Through the wave'

Acrylic on paper 

Reminiscent of the beach 
and waves, a circular mark
with a pen nib ties it all together.

'Beside the seaside'

Acrylic on paper 

This one has a jolly feeling 
like a childhood summer holiday.

The three abstracts join a growing pile 
of cards for me to use during the year.  

Some will be in my studio for sale
during my summer Open Days.

I like to vary the pictures, some are more 
realistic but still in a loose and atmospheric way.

Below are three 'seascapes'...


Acrylic on paper 

The paper is A4 size 250 or 300 gsm weight 
divided into 4 sections with adhesive tape.

Marks are made with a flat synthetic 1 inch brush 
and my palette is limited with 3 or 4 colours
which I mix and blend along the way.

I begin with a simple sweeping motion right 
across the paper and more paint is scrubbed on 
roughly forming an impression of 'sky and ground'.

As I work, a seascape emerges.
Nowhere in particular, it's just what seems
to come from the marks and shapes.

'New day'

Acrylic on paper 

I am making these pictures as a series of coastal studies.
Some are lighter and brighter, others are dark and moody.

My aim is to make an atmospheric picture.
I am more interested in a feeling rather 
than a photographic image.

I really like an uncluttered painting with minimal fuss
which is helped by using the 1 inch wide brush
so I don't tighten up too much.

The paintings are around 3 x 5 inches.

'Silent times'

Acrylic on paper 

This one is definitely a moody scene.
I was tempted to lighten it but resisted 
and now I am happy I left it alone.

It adds a sense of mystery.

a view from my wild garden.

A view towards the west boundary.

That's all for now...
Thank you for visiting.


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