Saturday, 8 May 2021

Lessons learned.

When things go wrong...

Sometimes a painting does not survive.
I am posting this little story 
to share an art disaster with you.

Last week I decided to rework an old painting.
It was a canvas measuring 24x48 inches.

At first things seemed to progress quite well
and I enjoyed mixing the lovely oils and cold wax.

Then it all went wrong. I became 'stuck'
and couldn't get any further.

I remembered having difficulty before
with a canvas this size and format.

Here is the canvas drying outside the studio.
I was giving it a rest and a re-think.

This is the one and only part I liked...

Against my better judgment I returned 
to the painting the next day.

As I worked, the previous part disappeared
and the canvas turned grey.

A few more marks were made but I sensed 
the canvas was not going to survive.

I had mixed some lovely colours on 
my palette but they were all wasted.

It was frustrating but not exactly 
life threatening.

To refresh my confidence I went into the print room 
to do something completely different.
I am happy to tell you this was successful.

Here are three A4 hand-pulled monotype prints
using acrylics on smooth white 300gsm paper.
All three are balanced to be viewed both ways.

First a blend of greys with a hint of green...

'Wave and Wend'

Next a warmer palette with
coffee and creams...

'Balancing Act'

And finally...

A different palette here...
there is a freshness of Teal,
it's as light as a feather.


I really like these prints, especially the way
they can be viewed in both directions.
All three prints will be put in an off-white mat/mount.

That's all for now,
thank you for visiting.

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