Monday, 25 May 2020


When does a painting need to be finished?

A recent rework

This was ‘finished’ long ago
but it has re-surfaced.

I found it in a crate in my old caravan.

Although the original seascape was ‘ok’
I had got bored with it and wanted to 
change it a little.  Rough it up.

Using some leftover green and blue oils on my palette,
I used a knife to add the paint 
randomly over the surface.

Working quickly without care, a few casual marks
did all I make the painting change 
from realism to abstracted.  

I have left it to dry and hung it
in the summer house.

Another ageing painting - 

Reworked many times...
and put aside for months. 

I think it had a few retakes before now
but no images remain of its journey. 

 I was getting itchy fingers.
it was time for a change.

More leftover oil paint.
This time the blue was mixed with yellow
to make these lime greens 

A knife was used to spread the paint over the oranges
quite randomly.  No plan, just play.

I stopped before the green took complete charge.
The orange and red burnt sienna on the frame 
is in harmony with the greens.  

Now it is finished.

I wonder?

It will dry and rest in my studio.

Back to the question...
When does a painting need to be finished?

Dare I say never?
The answer is in the hands of the earthly maker.

I shall go and look for more.   
It’s great fun.

Thank you 
See you next time

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