Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Colouring our thoughts

Fleeting memories...

‘Once I had a bright red coat’
Oils and cold wax on 10 x 12 inch board & frame

This picture hangs in my bedroom.  
It might be described as pure abstract,
with just a few marks and layers with 
scratchings into the paint.

For me, there is a story.
A childhood memory.

For my 12th Christmas I was given
a bright red duffle coat with a hood.

Years later I bought another one
but it didn’t have the same magic.

When I made this painting and stood back at the end...

Christmas 1953 returned.  
The power of colour and memory.

‘Carried away by a moonlight shadow’
Oils and cold wax on 10 x 12 inch board & frame

A second picture from my bedroom.
It began life in a different way
and I cannot even remember how.

That doesn’t really matter..
my pictures go through many changes
before I leave them alone to breathe.

The focus is possibly the broad blue mark 
but the scribble top right brings it to life.

The title just came to me at the end...
A fleeting thought of landscape at night.

‘Beyond the Veil’
Oils and cold wax on 20 x 24 inch canvas

This picture is about vessels. 
A memory of some pots I saw on a hearth.

Just vaguely scribbled and scratched in wet paint.
Cups and saucers, and possibly a kettle.

Nothing too specific,
just spontaneous marks quickly drawn.

On their own these vessels appeared to float.
The warm ochre and cream paint over the top
grounds them giving a worn, aged look to the piece.

It is another favourite and hangs in my studio.

Three paintings, different memories,
fleeting thoughts.

All for now...
until next time

Thank you for visiting.



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