Monday, 18 May 2020

Getting edgy

the place where one thing changes 
to the next is especially potent”

(by Nicholas Wilton - Artist)

I began thinking about these words
and looked around at some details
of my own paintings.

I found these examples of getting edgy...

Detail of a hard edge...
the bright yellow commands attention

‘Safe Passage’
Oils and cold wax on 36 x 48 inch canvas

Nicholas also reminds us...

“Where that drab grey suddenly shifts 
to bright pink is a visually powerful spot” 

In my painting it is black and green
but visibly powerful, nonetheless. 

Another edge standing its ground...

‘Breath of Winter’

Oils and cold wax on 20 x 20 inch canvas

Edgy and spiky too...

There is something quirky about these shapes.

‘Crossing Borders’

Oils and cold wax on 39 x 39 inch canvas

It is one of my favourite paintings.
It makes me smile each time I walk in my studio. 


Where one thing changes to the next,
a detail of a fiery painting.

Abstract shapes which give an impression of a skyline.
The dark against the bright orange and red is especially potent.

Below is the whole painting.

‘Turn up the Heat’

Oils and cold wax on 12 x 12 inch Arches oil paper

Nicholas Wilton is right about using edges for impact...
It’s worth getting a bit edgy.

“Try paying attention to the transitions 
between different areas in your art. 
Make them juicy. In other words, 
let the viewers (and you) feel 
enlivened by change”. 

That’s all for now.
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The view from my Studio

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