Friday, 15 May 2020


Close encounters of the imagination

What do you see?

A lot of viewers like to see reality in art
and often ‘see’ things in my pictures.

This close-up detail as I ‘zoomed’ in with my camera
has marks which were not intentionally ‘things’.

Perception is personal.

Marks and scribbles

What does this detail say to you?

And this?....

Zooming in reveals texture.
Working with oils and cold wax I add layer
on layer, often scraping back and scratching.

A picture within...

Small sections of a larger painting
can give me ideas for another piece.

However, this can be frustrating if it doesn’t work
as planned.   My process is spontaneous and
I work quickly...usually allowing the painting
to evolve.   A definite plan to ‘copy’ is not for me. 

So much to see.

This detail of a large painting almost 
reads like a book. 

To me it tells a story of mark-making.
A history of working, re-working and resolution.

What do you find here?

All for now...
Until next time.

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