Monday, 6 August 2018

In the frame.

                                                         Hello and welcome.         

                            Today I was considering how my new painting would look in a frame.  

Black seemed too hard and cream was too delicate for this strong colour.
I decided to use an existing frame which was already painted dark grey. 

Adding more oil paint in a dark red orange, the frame acts as an extension to the work.  

                                         Vessels.  Oils and cold wax on canvas board.  

                            I have framed the painting in a traditional style using a mix 
                                                of red and burnt sienna to colour.  
                                         This helps to bring them together as one.   
                            I shall put the painting aside now until I decide if it is finished. 

                                                              Until next time....
                                                        Thank you for visiting 

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