Monday, 27 August 2018

Having a clear view.

Making room....

Art Practice by Nicholas Wilton

‘Are you clear?’   

“Sometimes our lives can feel so full.
This can feel good but it also can be overwhelming.
This week I am going through dozens of old boxes
of stuff I stored in my studio 5 years ago.
So much of it I no longer need or even remembered I owned.

I don’t think the problem is having a full life.
The problem is having it full of things that are not
important or meaningful anymore.
The answer then, is to get super clear about what should
be in your life and what should not.
In other words, take action and let stuff go!”

Words by Nicholas Wilton.  

Sometimes strange things happen....

I follow artist Nicholas Wilton whose blog is posted each Sunday.   Last week his comments perfectly matched my own thoughts about clearing out unwanted things.  

My studio is also full of paintings from years ago.  Some are still favourites.  Others are waiting for throw or rework?    

Reworking is an exciting process as destroying one can create another which could become a favourite.   I am never sad about covering up the previous image.  It is a stage of renewal and hope.  If it doesn’t work I either scrape back or leave to dry for another time.  

Here are some paintings I reworked this week. 
All these have the frame painted as part of the work.

Arch’. Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board. 

‘Territory’. Oils and cold wax on panel 

‘Fullness of Time’.  Oils and cold wax medium on panel 

‘Changing Shapes’. Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

‘Darkening Hour’.  Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

‘Green Chords’.   Oils and cold wax medium on canvas board 

I feel quite excited about some of these.  Whether they stay as created I do not know.   Time will tell.   My work evolves as I paint without any prior plan.  The shapes and colours are my main aim and get changed until I am happy with the result.  

                      Making something 100 years old...

It will soon be time to submit a painting for the Nadin Group Show.   
                      The theme is ‘The Last 100 Years’.   

I decided to focus on Women’s Equality and the fight to get the vote. 

Painting on panel and frame, I used the colours of the Women’s, purple and white (with gold for the USA). 

The work is deliberately aged and distressed to represent the time span.  A single word bottom right, gives the aim.  

‘ Tides of Change’.  Oils and cold wax medium on panel and frame.   
If selected it will hang in Gallery at St Martins, Lincoln in September.  

I will let you know...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting. 

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