Monday, 3 September 2018

Carry on.

No regrets.

‘Old nonsense’...

( here are some words by Ralph Waldo Emerson ).  

I saw this quote on Facebook this week.  It can apply to almost everything in life.  

In some ways it is a continuation of my ‘clear the clutter’ thoughts of last week. 

I shall think about some of my paintings.  
Marks made one day can look ludicrous to me the next. 
 There can be too much detail or parts of the work which 
now look absurd in the cold light of a new day.   

Once I get rid of trying to reach ‘perfection’ in my art I can have fun 
and even enjoy making mistakes.   It really doesn’t matter.  
 However, it does help if there isn’t a deadline looming for an exhibition.  

A new day brings hope and a fresh start.   
I find my best days in the studio are when I have frequent visits between other jobs.  
 Just half an hour or so making a few marks and walking away can be more 
productive than slaving away on a painting for hours.   

Each time I return, I look at the piece with fresh eyes.   
Obvious mistakes stand out and adjustments can be made.  
This might even be complete removal of something which felt right before.

There must be no time to be ‘cumbered with old nonsense.’

This painting had parts removed.  
The first image is below...I wanted a less defined background. 
  The old painting underneath has mostly been covered over now 
and there is a softer feeling.   Paint was scraped back to reveal 
the turquoise beneath and the bold gestural stroke has been reduced.  

Today is a fresh start in my studio.  
Another week of experimenting and no regrets for work which has been repainted or scrapped.  

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.


  1. Thank you. That quote and the sentiments you have expressed hit the mark today.

  2. Thank you Karen,
    I am happy you found my post useful. Great to hear from you.

    Kind regards, Anne