Sunday, 9 September 2018

Paint box.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog.

Getting colourful.

Last week I decided to change my colour palette. 
  Red was my choice.  
Possibly because my oil paints are 
getting low and red is still in plentiful supply.

A change is not a bad idea. 
  Getting stuck in a colour rut can happen. 
 The same colours picked every time can lead to stagnation.   
My recent landscape colours have 
been muted so this was a big change. 

For now I have also left my land and 
seascapes behind and returned to abstraction.

Red.   What can I learn from this bright hue? 

On the colour wheel red is the opposite colour to green.
  Together they sing out loud.   
A soft ochre yellow helps to tone it down. 
 It has a subduing effect.  

I have painted on the frame too.  A recent addition to my work.  
The inclusion of the frame takes my work into a different zone. 

I don’t do this every time.
  Some paintings are placed in a light or dark frame.  

Here is another new painting over a 
previous work using primary colours....

The yellow in this picture adds light..

However, if you cover the yellow up,
 the red and blue are more subdued.  

After some re-working the painting went a little further...

I think I will leave it now.   

‘Wherever You Are’. 
 Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 30 x 30 inches.  

An autumn still life...

Grouping a painting with ceramic and fruit.  
The background is my wild garden.

The painting had a re-work from a horizontal seascape to this abstracted vertical landscape.   Reminiscent of our wild garden it looks good in this grouping of colours.  

A lemon and lime sit on a little ceramic dish 
made by my friend, ceramicist Lyn Lovitt.  

Here is the painting before I changed the format....

Nothing stands still for long in my studio. 
  Eventually everything will get a workout.  

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

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