Monday, 1 October 2018

The second chapter...

Hello and welcome to my Blog. 

Last week ended in a flurry of activity as 
my Wildartdesigns venture began to grow. 

On Tuesday night I stayed up very late and built 
a new website. It is still in the early stages 
but I am happy with how it looks. 
I will include the link at the end of this Blog. 

Designs and creations using my abstract art 
are now on 8 items in a unique range 
of small gifts and greetings cards. 

I have invested in some display equipment to show them. 

My new rotating card display 

This is a new venture which is kept separate 
from the oil paintings in my Studio. 
I have several exhibitions planned for 
2019 and I am painting for these. 

I shall be taking this new range to 
Artisans Markets and Craft Fairs. 
Soon my website will also open a shop. 

Here are some more photos of my new art designs...

These arrived today 

Porcelain mugs with images of my art
and key rings with an image on both sides. 

I have been reading Nicholas Wilton’s blog again
and as usual there are ideas which I can use in my practice.  

“Starting a new piece can be a bit like traveling 

to someplace new without a map - you may know 

a little about where you're going, but without directions

it will take you longer than it should to arrive.

With that in mind, when I begin a painting, I

find the best thing to do is to be bold. So if I have

a panel covered in dark paint, I'll then place some

light shapes over it. The contrast in value will

help direct me where to go next.”

Nicholas Wilton ~

I thought about this in my own work and I do agree
with his ideas.  It is all about being bold.  

There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 
If it doesn’t work out I can scrape it off and begin again. 

Here are two paintings where I was bold.  

Detail from a painting on my easel.  

A recent piece showing how dark and light
can make a bold painting 

This one is abstract and imaginative.
I loved making these marks.

If you would like to visit my new website...

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.


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