Saturday, 8 April 2017

Passing through.

Meandering   Oils on box canvas  20 x 20 inches  

Abstract landscape.

Studio Musings...

This canvas has been on a journey.
It began several weeks ago and came to a frustrating halt.

At times I thought it was finished and then I 
scraped the paint off, wiped it over and left it.

Again I worked on good, it was not how I wanted it to be. Another wiper. late evening before bed I returned.
Working again, I found something about it that I liked.

I have given it the title 'Meandering'.
It needed a suggestion of calm after the turbulent journey.
Here it is on the easel in my studio.

Here is today's painting...

Freiston Shore  Oils on board  4 x 4 inches  £ 45   $ 60

Drama on a small scale.
The coast of many colours.

(Available from
or by email in UK)

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