Monday, 11 June 2018

Making a start.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog

Waiting to be moved on...a 16 x 16 inch painting in my studio.

I had no idea where it would go but I made a start by
mixing some cream oils and a pale aqua.  I added some
cold wax to the paint and worked it into the mix.

The image below shows where I made the marks.
I think it is finished but I might add a dark area 
on the bottom right to balance the work.

Scraping the oils back and scribbling into the paint gives some interest and texture.


More mark-making...

I wanted to add some drama to this 12 x 12 inch canvas.
The image below shows my marks made with Prussian blue
and Burnt Sienna.  A little cold wax medium was added.

Spreading the paint over the canvas I smoothed it out with my
bowl scraper and roller.  I scratched some marks in the wet paint.

The top part of the painting was left untouched although the
colour in the first image looks different...due to my camera setting.

The finished piece.  (A better photograph).
I like the dramatic 'weight' and the small patches of reflections.

Mark-making is now an automatic response for me.  
After 20 years of painting I have become familiar with oils and colour.
I love moving paint around and sculpting the oils with brush, knife and scrapers.

Start by Starting...

This week I watched a video by Nicholas Wilton of Art2Life 
on his Sunday Blog...about how he makes a start on a new piece of art.

For anyone finding it difficult to begin, his video gives some good advice.  
Each week he talks about an aspect of making art.

I subscribe to his blog online.  Here is the link to his website.

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.

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