Monday, 18 February 2019

Creating your own world.

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

‘Ice on Fire’

A new painting from an old one.
Oils on 10 x 8 inch panel and frame.

Start with nothing....and create a whole new world.

Go on an adventure of the mind 

and trust in the you of now.  

(Extracts from ‘here and there’ in my words).

~ ~ ~

I have recently been reading blog posts online.

An artist in USA shares similar painting thoughts to me.

Her name is Robin Olsen. (

Here is a little of her blog...she says

“I now know that abstract painting, at least the way I do it, requires two things:


1.  A willingness to leap fully into the unkown,

 to let loose, go wild, and make a big, 

ugly mess without judgement.


2.  An ability to step back and analyze what's working and what isn't. 

 Then apply design principles to make the piece effective....

 It's a back and forth between the two, sometimes over a very long period, 

until there's a point where everything is exactly where it needs to be. 

 And the trickiest part is making it look like 

it just fell on the canvas that way”.

~ ~ ~

‘When memories wake up and dance’

Oils and cold wax medium on 30 x 16 inch canvas

This painting was such fun to make. 

Reworking a previous picture, I randomly made marks.

Layer over layer, adding colour.

Scraping and scratching.

‘Images’ began to appear. 

  Parts reveal the colours underneath.

There was no preformed plan, it evolved along the way.

After a few days the picture seemed to be working.

It was a world of adventure.

Time to let it rest.

A picture having the ‘whole new world’ treatment.

It’s a journey into the future.

An adventure of my mind.

I will trust in the me of now.

Thank you for visiting.

Until next time...

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