Wednesday, 29 July 2015

All shapes and Sizes.

                 Thornham Pools   Oils on canvas board   6 x 6 inches   SOLD

Shapes in the landscape are of interest to me as a painter.  I learned to 'see differently' several years ago when I began my painting life.   Texture and tonal colour also feature in my vision and I like to show this in my work.  In fact, I think my work is really about this and less about depicting reality.  

The marshes and mud around coastlines are a steady stream of inspiration for me.  This study is about the area around Thornham in Norfolk.   I began the study on a burnt sienna toned canvas board by scrubbing in the darker banks and mud parts...brush strokes and pressure on the support are showing up in the fore and middle ground.  I like to leave these as a textural gesture and little glowing parts of the under-painting make the image pop.

The blues (cerulean and phthalo with white and a touch of magenta) depict the watery parts and I loved their shapes...especially the C curve at the bottom.  The sky was played down to give more boost to the foreground.  Final parts were the luscious browns and violets of the wet mud, bottom left.  Spread on and sculpted with my brush I was delighted with the broad brush marks.  Leaving them alone and not spread about gives interest for the viewer. 

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