Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Night beckons.

                 Restful Evening   Oils on canvas board  6 x 6 inches   

There is something relaxed about this painting.  A warm glow over the wet beach and mud banks.  Low tide relaxing before the turn.  

I used a coloured canvas board and some of the burnt sienna is glowing through on the foreground.   My palette again is phthalo blue, cerulean, yellow, burnt sienna, and magenta.  I like to keep a minimum of colours and use mixes of these for the work.  I find a small palette of colours is less likely to become muddied.  

All was going well and I walked away from the painting three times thinking it was finished but returned to the sky each time to 'improve' it.  Ha!   Fatal mistake.  I was aiming for some darker clouds at the top to show the night clouds drawing in.  Twice I messed it up but the third attempt was left as I realised it was the supporting act and the main stage was the warmth in the foreground.

I am happy with it...and like the little touches of cerulean brushed over the sea/horizon and the flicks of paint as my wrist twisted the brush to lightly place the highlights on the bottom.

Job done!  Walk away Anne.

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