Monday, 7 March 2016

Getting edgy.

Edge of the Bay   Oils on canvas board   4 x 4 inches   SOLD

Sheltered at the edge of the Bay and ideal for a walk.
  Soft and gentle colours for an end of day imaginative sketch.

Studio Musings...

Disasters and how to move on.

I have come to terms with the fact that if I insist on painting 
I shall experience frustration and failure.

Yesterday was such an occasion and three attempts to finish my 8 x 12 inch work ended in scraping paint off the canvas.  Each time the painting became overworked and messy.

Wiping the paint completely off the board I was left with a grey/blue base which will be an undercoat for another subject.  To finish on a positive feeling I took a small 4 x 4 inch canvas board with a one inch brush. It was time for sketching without pressure and this little piece came together quickly.  It gave me my confidence back when I thought I had lost it.


  1. Beautiful little 4x4", Anne!

    So mysterious, isn't it, what makes for flow in one case and no-go in another?

  2. Hi Dotty...Thank you. Yes...we are in a crazy art world. x