Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Cragside, Northumberland   Oils on box canvas  8 x 8 inches

A memory of an enjoyable weekend up north many years ago.
Cragside is set in forest and is a magical place.

This lake is at the entrance to the house.

Studio Musings...

In my continuing forage amongst my studio treasures I came across this little canvas.
There was an existing picture but I loaded my brush with leftover paint and began to scrub. 

  I added a soft yellow top corner and a smudge of pale blue at the bottom.
It seemed to be 'morphing' into a landscape with a lake.

 A white highlight was brushed quickly across what appeared to be water.
I stepped back to view, then placed a final small dab of sky colour on the lake.

It reminds me of Cragside.  Enough said.  


  1. Love the quiet drama of this one. Love your use of resting space for the eyes—gotta learn me how to do that!

  2. So pleased you like it Dotty. Thank you.


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