Thursday, 14 April 2016

It comes.

Storm over Corn   Oils on canvas board   6 x 6 inches

Colour is everywhere as the summer storm approaches.

Studio Musings...

I love the colours on a stormy day. 
 The farmer might not like it but it gives a painter pleasure.

This little painting is an example of a change of mood.
It was painted some time ago but I wasn't really happy with it.

I felt the scene lacked sparkle so I put it up on my easel again for a 're-work'.
A darker sky and some highlights on the field made it come to life.

Here is the previous image before the re-work...

Corn Corner


  1. Love seeing the before and after, Anne! My eye is having grand fun going back and forth, back and forth to spy the changes and take in their lovely effect.

  2. Thank you Dotty. I shall be changing a few more.