Sunday, 31 July 2016


Transient   Oils on gessoed 140 lb paper  8 x 12 inches   

Quietly contemplating the scene.  Ebb tide on the East Coast.

Studio Musings...

I really don't know what happened on my calendar...I totally forgot about 31st!
This post is a hurried one to keep up with my daily blog.

Hurry only in the act of online work though as I study this peaceful scene.
It is a painting I completed last week when I returned to using gessoed paper.

Transient...brief, short-lived, momentary.

Each ebb tide brings a brief glimpse of a shore before turning.

Each glimpse is different as the tide moves sand and makes different pools.

Each glimpse is different according to the weather...sunny, cloudy, winter, summer.

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