Sunday, 27 August 2017

In the frame.

Estuary  Oils on board  8 x 16 inches

A wide view in a traditional style frame.

Studio Musings...

I have been hand-finishing some frames this week.
As a change from using off-white I decided to have some gold effect frames made.

The freshly made frames are quite bright so I have been
 trying  different ways to 'tone them down' a little. 

Glazes of oils using the same hues as the painting have been applied to the frame.
Then I rubbed most of it off leaving a thin layer to dull the shine.

The outer ridged part of the frame was re-coated in a pale green/grey.
I shall leave it now.  It has a softer look and allows the painting to relax.

My frames are custom made by Graham Perkins
at Forge Arts, Hackthorn, nr. Lincoln

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