Monday, 25 December 2017

All Change

Good Morning on Christmas Day 

Welcome to my Monday Blog

More on the abstraction route..

This image is a re-work over an unwanted picture.
I used the previous surface as an underpainting.

It was not an easy session.
Several scrape downs and rub offs took place and I nearly lost it.

Then I got determined and decided to rough it around a bit.  

I lived with this image for a few days and might have
 called it finished but an urge to change the right bottom part took over. 

Return visit...

As often happens with a re-work, the changes didn't stop at the right side...
Oil was flying in all directions as I sculpted and scraped.

Now completely changed the new painting was left to rest overnight.
Next day I put it in a frame and assessed the situation.

I think it is time to call it 'cooked'.    No...that is not the title.

Return Visit   Oils on board  18 x 14 inches

Getting in closer...

Zooming in this is a small patch from lower centre

I am always fascinated by small details.
They are little abstracts in their own right.

Luscious oils sculpted by a knife.
This patch is about 2 square inches.
The textures are intriguing.

Colours from my box...

My palette for this work was a little different to my usual one.
I decided to use Ivory Black.  I am not afraid of black.
It can make some interesting mixes.

Lush greens emerge with Lemon Yellow and Indian Yellow.
Magenta and black make a rich plum hue.

Other colours made this picture...

Phthalo Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna
and Titanium White.

I wouldn't use black for shadows in a landscape.
I prefer to use colour mixes for that.

Colour mixing is a personal choice.
I like to experiment but nearly always forget to write the recipe down.
My work is intuitive, on the move and spontaneous.

If I stopped to take notes I would break the flow
 and maybe the magic would disappear. 

Until next Monday...

I wish you a warm and cosy Christmas.

Winter Wonderland  Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches

Thank you for visiting.


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