Monday, 1 January 2018

A blank canvas.

Good morning at the start of 2018.

Welcome to my Monday Blog

I am not very good at new resolutions so I won't
bore you with promises I could break in a few days.
Instead, I shall share a few memories and images of past work...

Looking through my archives I have found a few to share.
These paintings went to new homes several years ago but
it is interesting to see how my work has evolved or not over time.

Winter Willows  Acrylic on board  2006

This snow scene is entirely imaginary. 
I was visiting a friend in Laneham, Nottinghamshire when I saw this water meadow.
  It was April and the lush green grass, willows and stream were in their spring attire.

I took a photograph and later decided to try painting it as a snow scene.
It meant altering just about everything but I think it worked.  

It is quite realist and tighter than I prefer to paint now but I still like it.
The painting is no longer with me but I might try a loose, expressive re-paint
in oils and see what happens.  I often use my previous work for ideas.


Ebb Tide   Acrylics on canvas

Both of these paintings were acrylics on box canvas in 2009
I haven't seen these images for some time but there is
still a similarity to the work I am currently making.

Estuary   Acrylics on canvas

Winter Trail   Oils on board  2011

A snowscape near my home.
I walked over the fields in the snow between Christmas and New year
 and liked the pink/apricot light in the sky.
I might paint this one again...


Great Expectations  Acrylics on canvas  2004

I remember painting this one, surprising myself with the textures I made.
It was in the early days of my painting journey.
I think it was near Christmas.


Sienna Grey   Oils on canvas  2010

A gentle abstract with thoughts of pebbles and stones in a shallow stream.  
It was a favourite at the time.  Perhaps another for a re-visit.

Benniworth   Oils on board  2010

We visited friends in the Lincolnshire Wolds and walked up to the hilltop.  
The poppies were quite startling when I looked back...

Landscape   Oils on canvas  2010

I remember this painting well.
It wasn't in my studio for long and I must admit being
 a little disappointed when it went to a new home.

I tried to paint a replica but it didn't work...
paintings in my studio have a habit of going on a different route.

I have enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.
The paintings are some of my favourites and I think of them as old friends.

Onward now to a blank canvas...2018.
I have lots of ideas for new work which I hope to share with you each week.

Until next Monday...

Thank you for visiting and good wishes 
for a bright and happy New Year.

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