Monday, 26 February 2018

Journey of a painting

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Unfolding Story    Oils on box canvas 16 x 16 inches

When I open my studio door I know I shall go on a journey.
I am not alone as the painting will accompany me.

Painting is an exciting occupation but has its ups and downs.
Sometimes more downs than ups but the destination eventually dawns.
This happened last week as I re-worked a canvas for the second time.

I will show you some photographs...

First old painting covered and some new textured parts added.

I continued to work with layers of greys leaving some parts uncovered.
This is a close up of the lower centre.

After this dried the painting was left on an easel
 as I like to rest a piece to allow time for inspiration.

Eventually I began teasing out a random composition and
it was time to introduce some brighter colours.

Now my painting has taken on a new look.
I stopped working just in time to avoid an overworked appearance.
Time to leave it alone.  Finished.  

Reworking continued...

'A change is as good as a rest'...

Gone, but not forgotten. Another re-work.

This board has had two makeovers.
It began life as a coastal subject of the Lincolnshire creeks.

This image has now been overpainted as I really wanted to 
get a loose, abstracted feeling of coastal atmosphere.
Rather than a literal representation.

Reminiscence  Oils and cold wax on board  28 x 18 inches

As you can see, the work is totally different.
This time I used a little cold wax medium mixed with the oils.

Laying the paint on and then scraping back revealed parts of the dried
oils underneath.  I like the effects.  They give depth to the work.

There are patches of colour and marks sculpted with my knife.
Parts were rubbed with a rag to blur some places and sharpen others.
There is a feeling of coast and shore with suggestions of distance on the horizon.

Now, a second piece on the easel...

The same size as 'Reminiscence'...
I would like it to be a similar scene.

I re-worked an old painting using leftover paint on my palette and cold wax medium. 

 At first the paint was randomly scraped on with a knife and
This photo shows the first stage...

At first I thought about leaving it as an abstract.
Then I decided to work it further. It is still unfinished...

(The frame is on just as a trial.
It may well change at the end).

Here is a photo of the two together.
This gives me time to think about their future.

Good friends...

These photographs show work by two artist friends...

Lyn Lovitt, Potter  

Two of her little sculptural pieces are in our home.
I bought these from a recent exhibition.

Mike Lovitt, Sculptor

This little carved 'two image' sculpture is of Buddleia.
This was also from a show last year.

If you are interested in seeing more of their sculptural work and paintings they are both
members of Lincolnshire Artists' Society and will be exhibiting during 2018.

Lincolnshire Artists' Society has a show
 in Sam Scorer Gallery, Drury Lane, Lincoln
from Tuesday 19 June to Sunday 1 July 2018.

Until next week...

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