Monday, 5 February 2018

The nature of things.

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The Nature of Things   Oils on panel  13 x 9 inches

Sometimes things do not go according to plan.
I am referring to my studio work this week.
I have been away from my painting for a few days
owing to maintenance jobs around our home and 
Saturday was the only time I put brush to canvas.

I was planning to put some darker washes on a landscape I painted some time ago.  
All was going well until I decided to change part of the composition. 
I should have known this would not end well for my landscape.

After a struggle I did manage to bring some order to the chaos
It was definitely a case of 'Creation-Destruction-Creation'.

Close encounters...

A detail of the work.

Parts of the previous painting show after scraping back.

Another detail...

I love this part. 
 The oils have a luscious texture.
The rich green was made with a mix of black and yellow

This little area of the painting would be good to try as an abstract.
I have some 12 x 12 inch box canvases which would be ideal.

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