Monday, 28 May 2018

Feeling a good way.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog

Last week I spoke about extending the painting onto the frame.

Here is another finished piece...
A study in blue

Dark Descent   Oils and cold wax on board and frame  18 x 16 inches

       Close-up detail

I am really happy with this painting.

Making mistakes...

Laying it on...

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 12 x 12 inches 

The above painting began life quite simply...but
I wasn't happy with the top part so the next day it all changed...


    In the looks a bit unfinished but I liked the texture

   close-up detail

Then I added more layers and colours

   close-up detail

Is it finished?  Have I ruined it? 
  Was it a mistake to tamper?

It really doesn't matter too much.
 Painting is about taking risks and mistakes happen regularly in my studio.
  I have learned to let go and move on.

I saw this photo last week on Facebook...

(Sadly, I didn't take note of who posted it.  Please accept my apologies).

This just about sums up my studio endeavours.

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting 

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