Monday, 7 May 2018

Problem solving.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog

'Making an entrance'   Oils on board and frame 
 (approximately 22 x 26 inches)

Framing is often a difficult decision.
Should it be dark, light, elaborate, plain or none at all?

Two recently completed paintings have given me a hard time.
To solve the problem I decided to paint onto the frame. The effect is quite striking.

Averting disaster.

This is a rework on canvas after I ruined a nearly finished piece last week.
This time I will let it dry and settle for a while before making any hasty changes.

Here is the painting on the easel at the end of Sunday afternoon...
It is an atmospheric piece, abstracted and reminiscent of the coast.

Here is a close up detail...
The fine vertical lines echo the masts of boats.


Feel the warmth   Oils and cold wax on box canvas  16 x 16 inches

I had a small pile of red left on the palette so I mixed it with yellow and orange.
Then I added some cold wax medium before spreading the paint randomly 
over a redundant canvas leaving some of the old image showing through.
 I used a roller to soften the edges and blend the paint.  

Two dark bars were rolled on from the left and then a few marks
cutting into the wet oils gave some interesting shapes on the right. 

Painted quickly, this small canvas came to life without any stress.
I think I will leave it to dry.  Time for tea.

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.

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